Petrochemical Producers Supply Chain Survey

Petrochemical Update recently reached out to their extensive network of petrochemical supply chain & logistics purchasing managers to an insight into budgets

Wärtsilä Wins Scrubber Deal from European Boxship Owner


Wärtsilä won an EUR 170 million deal to provide scrubber equipment to European container shipper.

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Yang Ming Picks Low Sulphur Fuel for 2020 Sulphur Cap

Yang Ming

Yang Ming chooses low sulphur fuel to comply with the 2020 sulphur cap but keeps a door open for other options, too.

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Spliethoff Group to Scrub Away the Sulphur

Spliethoff's mv Floragracht

Spliethoff Group opts for exhaust gas cleaning technology to make its vessels compliant with the 2020 sulphur cap.

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Frontline Takes 20 Pct Stake in Feen Marine Scrubbers

Frontline to acquire a 20 percent ownership interest in Feen Marine Scrubbers.

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Total, Pavillion Energy Firm Plans on LNG Bunkering

Total, Pavilion Gas

Total and Pavilion Energy formalize cooperation on developing LNG bunker supply chain in the port of Singapore.

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Scorpio Tankers Opts Out of Scrubbers for Now

Scorpio Tankers plans to meet the IMO's sulphur cap by burning compliant fuels.

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Shipowners Stand Alone in Cutting CO2 Emissions

John Platsidakis

Overall burden for reducing emissions from shipping is being unfairly put on ships and shipowners.

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5 Most Exciting Things to Watch Out for in Shipping Industry


Industry representatives share their views on the most exciting things in the industry at the moment.

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Posidonia 2018: Scrubbers Not a Long-Term Solution

Korean Register

Scrubbers are not a long-term solution for the impending 2020 sulphur cap.

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Slow Steaming Panacea for All Industry Ailments?

Industry players from different sectors agree: reducing ship speed is the panacea to all ails.

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Study Supports Case for Methanol as Sustainable Marine Fuel

Methanol-powered ferry

Methanol is gaining ever greater support as an environmentally-friendly marine fuel.

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Scrubbers Don't Make Sense for Smaller Ships

d'Amico logo

Marco Fiori, CEO d'Amico International Shipping, speaks of 2020 Sulphur Cap implementation.

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2020 Sulphur Cap: Likely Teething Troubles


There is still a cloud of uncertainty with regard to the implementation of the 2020 global sulphur cap for ships.

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Stena Oil to Build Sulphur Cap Adapted Marine Fuel Terminal

Stena Oil's Bunkering Terminal in Frederikshaven

Stena Oil to build a marine fuel terminal in the Port of Frederikshavn fully adapted for Sulphur Directive 2020.

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Dorian LPG Looking into LPG Switch for its VLGCs

Dorian LPG and Hyundai Global Service Enter into MOU

Dorian LPG to study retrofitting ten of its very large gas carriers to use liquefied petroleum gas as fuel.

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Skou: Low Sulphur Fuel Best Solution for IMO Sulphur Cap

Maersk CEO Soren Skou

Maersk CEO speaks of industry developments and way forward at Singapore Maritime Week 2018.

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What Will Be THE Marine Fuel of the Future?

WMN explores what will be the fuel of choice for owners ahead of IMO's 2020 Sulfur Cap.

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Hyundai Samho Unveils World's 1st Scrubber-Fitted VLCC

Hyundai Samho completed the world's first VLCC fitted with an exhaust gas cleaning system.

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Maersk Line Reports Two Sulfur Cap Breaches in 2017

Maersk Line identified two instances of non-compliance with the 0.1 pct sulfur cap in 2017.

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IMO Presses On with Enforcement of 2020 Sulfur Cap

The International Maritime Organization is standing its ground on the enforcement of the 2020 sulfur cap.

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IMO Head: 2020 Sulfur Cap Done Deal

There is no turning back on the implementation of the 0.50 pct cap of the sulfur content of ships’ fuel oil.

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