Bringing Supply Chain to the Next Level

The rise of e-commerce has prompted a need for centralized information in the supply chain.

Port of Virginia Receives Four Giant STS Cranes

The Port of Virginia welcomed four new STS cranes - the latest step in the USD 320 million expansion project. 

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China Bans EGCS Wash Water Discharge in Coastal Waters


China has banned the discharge of wash water from open-loop exhaust gas cleaning systems in coastal waters.

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Polaris Opts for Open-Loop Scrubbers

Scrubber tower

Polaris Shipping will retrofit seven ships with open loop scrubbers in preparation for the 2020 sulphur cap.

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Damen: Mobile BWTS Shipped to Las Palmas for Demonstration

Damen InvaSave 300 mobile BWMT transported to Las Palmas for a demonstration programme.

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Forward Ships Wins Patent in South Korea

Forward Ships

Forward Ships has won its first official patent right from South Korea.

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De Nora Gets USCG Type-Approval

Ballast water

De Nora has received type-approval from the United States Coastguard for its BALPURE ballast water treatment system.

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Masterbulk Testing Renewable Energy on Board Its Ships

MV Panama

Singapore's shipping company Masterbulk trialing renewable energy on board its ships.

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MOL, Partners Look Into Automatic Prevention of Collisions

MOL containership

MOL is studying advanced navigation support system with the aim of preventing collisions.

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Turkish Owner to Retrofit 16 Tankers with Alfa Laval's BWMSs

Advantage Summer

Advantage Tankers & Advantage Products team up with Alfa Laval for ballast water treatment retrofits of 16 tankers.

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Three Royal Caribbean Ships to Feature Optimarin BWT Systems

Grandeur of the Seas

Royal Caribbean International has chosen Optimarin to provide BWT systems for three of its flagship vessels.

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Rolls-Royce to Propel Mystic Cruises' Eco-Friendly Duo

Mystic Cruises' cruise ships

Rolls-Royce is to equip two expeditionary oceanic cruise ships for Mystic Cruises.

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Danish Partners Test Emissions Monitoring Solution


Nordic Tankers, Dania Ship Management and Danfoss IXA joined forces in testing emissions monitoring technology.

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Drewry: Liner Industry's Appetite for Scrubbers Grows


Adoption of exhaust scrubbers as a solution to the 2020 low-sulphur regulations is picking up, according to Drewry.

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Interview: How Smart Are Your Ships?

Novak: smart functionality is part of the industry's journey to autonomy.

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MSC, Port of Valencia Trial IoT Network

MSC containership

MSC has teamed up with the Port of Valencia on a pilot Internet-of-Things (IoT) project, led by Traxens.

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Quantum Pacific Shipping Gets USD 40 Mn Loan for Scrubbers


Quantum Pacific Shipping secured a loan to finance the purchase and installation of scrubbers.

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Alfa Laval's GCU Preferred Choice for LNG Newbuilds

Alfa Laval Gas Combustion Unit in the Alfa Laval Test & Training Centre

Alfa Laval has reached a milestone in Gas Combustion Unit (GCU) sales which exceeded 100 units.

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Readers' Picks of the Week

Here are the most read stories from the previous week.

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Need a Brain for Your Container? Welcome to Container Utopia


Small and mid-size shipping companies are invited to apply to have their entire container fleet digitalized.

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MAN Develops Marine Fuel-Gas System for Liquefied Hydrogen


MAN Cryo takes a further step towards cleaner shipping.

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HawkEye 360 Launches Satellites to Detect Suspicious Ships

Spaceflight SSO-A Mission

HawkEye 360 plans to use the data collected from the satellites to identify suspicious vessel activity.

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DHT Co-CEOs: We Are Neither For nor Against Scrubbers

DHT Holdings VLCC

DHT Co-CEOs: We believe scrubbers to be an economical way to comply with the new regulations.

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Scorpio Tankers Reveals Scrubber Investment for 52 Ships


Scorpio Tankers has entered into an agreement to purchase exhaust gas cleanings systems for 52 of its vessels.

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Scorpio Bulkers Signs Deal to Buy Scrubbers for 28 Ships


Scorpio Bulkers has entered into an agreement to buy scrubbers for a total of 28 vessels.

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Singapore Banning Scrubber Wash Water Discharge a Victory

Nikolas Tsakos, president and CEO of TEN

Tsakos believes the hype about the scrubber installation from charterers is winding down.

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MPCC Buys More Scrubbers, Inks Charters for Six Ships


MPCC to equip additional 5 vessels with scrubbers and to charter out 6 scrubber-retrofitted vessels.

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Singapore to Ban Discharge of Scrubber Wash Water


Singapore plans to prohibit the discharge of wash water from open-loop scrubbers in its waters in 2020.

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