Greek Flag Drops Another 52 Ships


Only 17 percent of the Greek-controlled 4,017 vessels were registered in Greece as of March 6, 2019.

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South Korean Builders Claim the Throne in 2018

South Korea has reclaimed the crown from China as the top shipbuilding nation in 2018.

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Greek Port to Open the Region's First Shore Power Facility

Illustration of shore-to-ship electrical supply connection

Greece is to inaugurate the first shore-to-ship electrical supply connection in Eastern Mediterranean.

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Cargo Ship Grounds on Sandy Beach in Greece

general cargo ship

A general cargo ship Arslanbey ran aground on a beach in Kanatadika, Greece, on Tuesday, September 4.

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Greek Seamen Prolong Strike

Hellenic Seaways

The Panhellenic Seamen’s Federation has extended its strike for another 24-hours.

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Greek Seamen to Strike on Monday

Hellenic flag

The Panhellenic Seamen's Federation confirmed it would stage a 24-hour strike on Monday.

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Fire Breaks Out on Board Greek Ferry, Passengers Evacuated


A ferry carrying more than 1,000 people on board caught fire while it was en route to Chania on August 29.

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Port of Thessaloniki Gaining Ground after Privatization

Port of Thessaloniki

ThPA SA CEO, Sotiris Theofanis, revealed the progress of post-privatization investments in the Port of Thessaloniki.

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Posidonia 2018 Kicks Off

Posidonia opening

Posidonia 2018, which celebrates its 50th anniversary since its inception, was officially opened this evening in Athens.

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Greece Operates a Fleet Valued at USD 99.8 Bn

Greek Flag

Greek ship owners expanded their control of the world fleet and today operate a fleet valued at USD 99.8 billion.

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Greek Seamen on Strike until Friday

ships in Port of Piraeus

Greek seamen federation has launched a strike on Wednesday, April 18, suspending the country's ferry transport.

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Greek Parliament Gives Nod to Thessaloniki Port Sale

The Greek Parliament has ratified the concession contract for the privatization of the Port of Thessaloniki.

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Libya-Bound Ship Loaded with Explosive Materials Seized

Greek authorities seize a Tanzanian-flagged cargo ship carrying materials to Libya intended to make explosives.

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Greece Sells Major Stake in Thessaloniki Port

Greece has signed a deal to sell a majority stake in Thessaloniki Port as part of its bailout plan.

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Video: Cabrera Wreck Emerges from the Water

The wreck of Cabrera, which grounded and sank off Greece in late 2016, was removed from the water in October this year.

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The Insatiable Appetite of Greek Owners for Ships

Greek shipowners seem to be determined to keep Greece the top shipowning nation as they push forward with the ...

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Wreck of Agia Zoni II Tanker Brought to Surface

The wreck of the oil tanker Agia Zoni II, which sank off Greece in early September, has been lifted from its ...

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Update: No Surface Pollution from Agia Zoni II in Salamina

Almost a month after the oil tanker Agia Zoni II sank off the Port of Piraeus, causing an oil spill in the area, ...

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Two Arrested from Oil-Spill Cleanup Ship in Greece

The captain and 1st engineer of a vessel involved in oil-spill cleanup efforts in Greece have been arrested on fuel ...

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Tanker Sinks off Greece, Oil Clean-Up Ops Launched

Oil spill clean-up operations have been launched off the coast of Salamina, Greece after a 3,205 dwt oil tanker ...

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Greek Owners Top First Half of 2017 Orderbook

Greek companies continue to lead the way in vessel ordering this year, followed closely by Chinese firms, according ...

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