Iridium Can Be the Backbone of Digital Ships

Iridium Communications

Iridium reveals more on the GMDSS terminal and plans in the maritime sector.

GMS Urges Support on Sustainable Recycling in SE Asia

The President and CEO Anil Sharma of GMS, a cash buyer of ships for recycling, has called on owners and brokers to ...

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Coastal Tankers in SE Asia Attacked Every Two Weeks

There is a continuing trend in South East Asia in the hijacking of small coastal tankers by maritime pirates, ...

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Falling Piracy Figures Hide Worrying Trends

The UK Chamber of Shipping has warned that a significant drop in Somali based piracy should not mask significant ...

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Dryad: Pattern Emerging in SE Asia Hijackings

The latest report of a tanker hijack in Southeast Asia has prompted Dryad Maritime to issue an advisory to its ...

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