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First SIMOPS LNG Bunkering Completed in Amsterdam

Titan LNG

Titan LNG's bunker barge supplied LNG to the tanker Ramelia while the ship was unloading cargo in Amsterdam.

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CMA CGM's LNG-Fueled ULCVs to Be Bunkered in Marseille-Fos


CMA CGM has chosen the port of Marseille-Fos for the bunkering of the company's future 15,000 TEU vessels. 

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Gasum Wraps Up Its 1st Cruise Vessel STS LNG Bunkering


Gasum has completed its first ship-to-ship LNG bunkering involving a cruise ship.

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DNG Energy: LNG Bunkering Ops in Algoa Bay to Start in 2020


DNG Energy to commence LNG bunkering operations in South African Algoa Bay in 2020.

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Titan LNG Wraps Up 1st STS LNG Bunkering in Port of Ghent

North Sea Port

Dutch LNG supplier Titan LNG has completed the first ship-to-ship LNG bunkering in the Port of Ghent, Belgium.

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Avenir LNG Taking Its 2nd LNG Carrier to Brazil

LNG Carrier

The company will work with Golar Power to develop the small-scale LNG market in Brazil.

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Gasum to Use Swedegas' Facility for Bunkering of LNG Ships

Port of Gothenburg

Gasum is to use Swedegas' facility for liquefied gas for bunkering of LNG fueled vessels.

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AG&P Invests in Kanfer Shipping to Make LNG More Accessible

The parties would offer LNG supply, transportation, floating storage, and LNG shipping for downstream distribution.

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MOL: First LNG Bunkering Completed at Port of Nagoya


The demonstration test confirmed that LNG can be safely supplied to vessels at the Port of Nagoya. 

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Titan LNG Conducts 1st LNG Bunkering in Port of IJmuiden

Dutch LNG supplier Titan LNG has completed the first-ever LNG bunkering at the Port of IJmuiden, North Holland.

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Seaspan Welcomes BC's Decision to Set Up STS LNG Bunkering


Seaspan Marine Transportation has welcomed the planned establishment of STS LNG bunkering in the region.

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Canadian LNG Provider Joins SEA\LNG Coalition


FortisBC developed truck-to-ship bunkering solutions to advance the use of LNG in the marine sector.

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British Columbia to Set up Ship-to-Ship LNG Bunkering

LNG bunkering

BC is looking to establish the first ship-to-ship LNG marine bunkering service on the west coast of North America.

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America's First LNG ATB Launched

VT Halter Marine

Halter Marine has launched Q-LNG 4000, America's first offshore LNG articulated tug and barge (ATB) unit.

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Nauticor: 1st STS LNG Bunkering Op Carried Out in Germany

LNG bunkering

The operation represents a milestone for the establishment of LNG as marine fuel in Germany.

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Avenir LNG's 1st 7,500 cbm LNG Carrier to Work for Petronas

Avenir LNG

Avenir LNG partnered up with MISC Berhad to provide its first 7,500 cbm LNG carrier to a subsidiary of Petronas.

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Steel Cut for "Singapore's Largest" LNG Bunker Vessel

Singapore LNG bunkering vessel

The 112-meter vessel is scheduled to be delivered in 2021.

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Kairos, Wes Amelie in 1st SIMOPS LNG Bunkering in Helsinki

Wes Amelie and Kairos engage in LNG bunkering operation

The event also marked the first LNG ship-to-ship operation for the Port of Helsinki.

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Shell, Qatar Petroleum Form Global LNG Bunkering JV

Shell Qatar Petroleum LNG Bunkering JV

The JV was formed to respond to an expected rise in demand for LNG bunkering.

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MOL Wraps Up LNG Bunkering Trial in Port of Kobe

LNG fuel bunkering with tugboat Ishin

The trial on the LNG-fueled tugboat Ishin represents the first LNG bunkering operation in the Port of Kobe.

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Elenger Launches LNG Bunkering Services in Hanko Port

UECC vessel

Elenger has started providing bunkering services to LNG-powered vessels in the Port of Hanko, Finland.

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