Cyber Hygiene Key to Hack-Proofing Your Business

With cyber crimes becoming ever more frequent, WMN explores what is key to becoming cyber resilient

MEPC 71: Limited Enforcement Expected for Sulfur Rules

The implementation of the 0.5 percent sulfur limit for fuel used by ships from 2020 may not be robustly enforced, ...

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IBIA: Ships Calling Ports in Canada Are ECA Compliant

Ships calling Canadian ports are in compliance with the 0.10% sulphur limit in the North American Emission Control ...

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IBIA: Denmark Clamps Down on Bunker Fraud

A Danish bunker company has been ordered by a Danish court to pay a DKK 10 million (USD 1.5 million) fine for ...

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Shenzhen to Introduce Low Sulphur Rule from October

China’s Port of Shenzhen is planning to introduce a requirement for ships to use fuels with no more than ...

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IBIA: Could Brexit Ease Sulphur Restrictions?

The prospect of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union has raised a number of questions regarding the status ...

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IBIA: Industry Needs to Ensure Fair Play in Bunkering

After the UK Supreme Court dismissed the latest appeal against the subsidiary of the ill-fated marine fuel ...

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