Maritime companies: start smart with your data!

This clever infographic shows why maritime companies should now start smart with their data

Shipping Firms Strengthen Fight against Cyber Crime

Many shipping companies have intensified the fight against cyber crime following a number of cyber attacks in 2017.

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Denmark Aims to Be Ahead of the Curve

Danish Shipping presents "Ahead of the Curve" strategy for the 2018-2021 period.

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Shipping Should Not Be Included in EU ETS?

As the European Parliament and the EU Member States have not yet reached an agreement regarding the EU’s ...

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Brexit Talks Impasse Is a Risk for Shipping Companies

The lack of progress on the future relationship between the EU and the UK creates uncertainty for shipping ...

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Denmark to End Registration Fee on Merchant Ships

Denmark has proposed to abolish the registration fee on merchant ships, which would remove an obstacle to the ...

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Danish Shipping Backs Wait-and-See Approach on Recycling

Danish Shipping is opposing European Commission’sĀ financial scheme to ensure that more ships are recycled at ...

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