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Greenland Supports Ban of HFO in Arctic


Greenland has voiced its support for IMO's ban on the use and carriage of heavy fuel oil in the Arctic.

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COSCO’s Heavy-Lift Ship Crosses Northern Sea Route

Tian En cargo ship

Chinese heavy-lift vessel Tian En crossed the Polar Silk Road for the first time.

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More Infrastructure Needed for Arctic Sailings Insurance

Cruise ship

IUMI: More infrastructure support is required to facilitate adequate insurance for Arctic sailings.

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Grounded Cruise Ship Refloated in Canadian Arctic

Cruise Ship

A passenger ship that ran aground in the Canadian Arctic on August 24 has been refloated.

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Putin, Niinisto Want HFO-Free Arctic

Russian and Finish Presidents

Putin, Niinistö agree there should be a switch to more environmentally friendly fuel in the Arctic. 

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Container Shipping in the Arctic: Why (Not) Now?


Container shipping in the Arctic: the pros and cons.

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Novatek Forms Its Own Shipping Company

christophe de margerie

Russian LNG producer PAO Novatek to set up a shipping subsidiary.

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Study: Vessel Speed Restriction to Protect Mammals in Arctic

Sea ice along the east coast of Banks Island in the western Canadian Arctic

Study: A restriction on vessel speed could reduce the likelihood of ship strikes in Arctic waters to protect mammals.

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Owners Advised to Prepare for Cold Conditions in the Arctic

Owners calling at ports in Canada and the Arctic region should prepare for cold conditions.

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Canada Unveils New Arctic Shipping Safety Regulations

Canada has introduced new Arctic Shipping Safety and Pollution Prevention Regulations. 

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IMO Members Back HFO Risk Mitigation Measures in Arctic

International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) Member States have supported a proposal to identify measures aimed at ...

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European Parliament Supports Arctic HFO Ban

The Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have voted to call for a ban on the use of heavy fuel oil (HFO), the ...

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Polar Code Enters into Force

Polar Code, the new regulation for ships operating in Arctic and Antarctic waters, has entered into force on ...

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US, Canada to Phase Out Heavy Fuel Oil in Arctic

The United States and Canada are moving closer to phase out the use of heavy fuel oil (HFO) from vessels operating ...

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Oceanwide Orders Polar Cruise Ship at Brodosplit

Dutch-based exploratory Polar cruise operator, Oceanwide Expeditions, has ordered a 180-passenger, ice-strengthened ...

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Clarksons: Cruise Industry Continues Expanding Its Horizons

During the summer, the cruise ship fleet surged past half a million berths of total capacity as the cruise industry ...

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WWF: Mega Cruise Ships to Further Endanger the Arctic

The cruise ship MV Crystal Serenity, owned by the US-based Crystal Cruises, is scheduled to set sail from Seward, ...

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China Keen on Sending More Ships to Arctic Route

China is encouraging its ships to turn to the Arctic as a way of cutting transit times for transporting goods ...

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Arctic Liner Shipping to Become Viable around 2040

The likelihood of the Northern Sea Route (NSR) to replace the Suez Canal in the transportation of the containerized ...

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NSR, Northwest Passage Open for Shipping

The Northern Sea Route (NSR) has opened for commercial shipping this year as of September 3rd, Japan-based global ...

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Dangling Activists Keeping Shell Icebreaker in Portland

Greenpeace US activists have suspended themselves from St. Johns Bridge in Portland, Oregon to block the Shell ...

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