Lokomotivværkstedet, Copenhagen
May 2 2018 - May 4 2018 | download iCal

DMF has been created around the need to bring together the Danish maritime cluster, to unify it in a strong handshake with the world. In Scandinavia, everything gravitates around the sea.

DMF is part of the “Danish Maritime Days” – a concept, which integrates under the same umbrella a multitude of activities dedicated to the maritime cluster, including the top-level conference, Danish Maritime Forum, with executives attending from all over the world. With the free shuttle bus services that they offer, you will be able to cover the other maritime activities taking place in the Copenhagen area, such as briefings, company visits, conferences, dinners, exhibitions, presentations, receptions, symposia and workshops on such topics as new technologies, Arctic shipping, international trade and development, piracy, recruitment, education, offhore shipping, among others.

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