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Port of Oslo Gets New Onshore Power Supply Connection

Inauguration of new onshore power supply connection

Stena Line inaugurated a new onshore power supply connection in the Port of Oslo on January 8.

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MV Werften to Use Siemens OPS in Cruise Shipbuilding

Cruise Ship

Siemens to supply and install turnkey Siharbor onshore power supplies at MV Werften Wismar shipyard.

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Kiel Set to Plug In Ships to Onshore Power

Port of Kiel

Port of Kiel kick off the construction of the first onshore power supply plant for commercial ships.

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Antwerp Port Takes Step Toward Onshore Power for Ships

Antwerp Port Authority looking to enable supply of onshore power for seagoing ships in the port.

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Cuxhaven to Get New Shore Power Supply System for RoRos

Siemens has received an order to supply the key components of a Siharbor shore power supply system for ...

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Stena Line, Trelleborg Port Start With Onshore Power Supply

As the first ferry company in the Swedish Port of Trelleborg, Stena Line will now be connecting up its two vessels ...

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