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Chemical Tanker Spills Bunker in Canadian Port

Canadian flag

Chemical tanker North Atlantic Kairos experienced a bunker spill in the Port Aux Basques harbour, Canada.

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Solomon Trader Grounding Turns into Environmental Disaster

Solomon Trader

Estimates: Some 60 tonnes of oil spilled from the grounded bulker Solomon Trader off Solomon Islands.

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Fuel Spills from Maersk Ship during Bunkering in Hong Kong

Maersk vessel

Bunker fuel spilled from Maersk Gateshead during bunkering operations in Hong Kong, Maersk confirmed.

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ASEAN Members Adopt Regional Oil Spill Contingency Plan

ASEAN members adopt Regional Oil Spill Contingency Plan.

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UK's 'Eye in the Sky’ to Tackle Oil Spills, Illegal Shipping


UK to use its 'eye in the sky' to tackle oil spills and illegal shipping.

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Oil Spill Reported at Port Arthur, Texas

US Coast Guard

An oil spill has been reported following an accident between RoRo vessel Endurance and towing vessel at Port Arthur.

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Bow Jubail Oil Spill Clean-Up to Last until Mid-2019

Bow Jubail oil spill

Port of Rotterdam: The cleanup of Bow Jubail HFO spill is expected to last until the middle of 2019.

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Odfjell to Compensate for Bow Jubail Spill Losses in Full

Bow Jubail oil spill

Odfjell said it would compensate for documented losses from the Jubail Bow oil spill up to the maximum legal liability.

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Oil Leaks from Grounded Car Carrier off Sweden

Makassar Highway

An unknown amount of oil has spilled from the damaged car carrier Makassar Highway, reaching the shore.

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Update: Bow Jubail Moved to Rotterdam Yard for Repairs

Bow Jubail has been moved to the yard in the Port of Rotterdam following the collision with a jetty.

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Rotterdam Recovers Most of Oil Spilled from Bow Jubail

Bow Jubail oil spill

Authorities cleaned most of the HFO that spilled from tanker Bow Jubail at the Port of Rotterdam on June 23.

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Odfjell Tanker Spills Oil in Rotterdam

Oil spill after tanker collides with jetty

Some 217 tons of HFO leaked from the chemical tanker Bow Jubail at the Port of Rotterdam.

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Ever Judger Seized amid Links to Balikpapan Oil Spill

Balikpapan Oil Spill Ever Judger Fire

MV Ever Judger seized by the East Kalimantan police in connection with the oil spill in the Balikpapan Bay.

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Los Angeles Files Lawsuit over 2016 Car Carrier Oil Spill

Car carrier Istra Ace

Los Angeles filed a lawsuit over a 2016 oil spill which occurred when fuel oil leaked from the car carrier Istra Ace.

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Iver Ships' Tanker Spills HFO in Mississippi River

USCG crew and vessel

USCG: Some 1,400 gallons of fuel oil was discharged into the Mississippi River from the chemical tanker Iver Exporter.

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Report: Bulker Caused Fatal Oil Spill in Indonesia

Ever Judger believed to have caused the breakup of Pertamina's undersea pipe which resulted in the massive oil spill.

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Vessel Leaks Diesel Fuel after Allision near New Orleans

Vessel Pac Antares started leaking diesel fuel following an allision with a pier. USCG launched oil spill clean-up ops.

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Photos: Thick Black Sludge Covers Borneo's Coast

Balikpapan Bay

Sixty kilometers of the coast and at least 129 square kilometers of the ocean have been polluted.

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Pertamina Source of Balikpapan Bay Oil Spill

Balikpapan Oil Spill Response

Pertamina says burst underwater pipeline source of the oil spill in the Balikpapan Bay.

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20 Crew Members Evacuated from Fire-Stricken Bulker

20-strong crew evacuated from Panama-flagged bulker following a fire.

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Port: Fujairah Oil Spill Not Caused by Ship-to-Ship Transfer

The recent oil spill off the Port of Fujairah was not the result of a ship-to-ship transfer.

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