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North Korea-Flagged Tanker Busted Violating UN Sanctions

North Korean-flagged tanker Saebyol

The North Korean tanker is believed to have been involved in a ship-to-ship fuel transfer.

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US Designates Two Shipping Firms for Evading DPRK Sanctions


US Department of the Treasury designates two shipping companies that have helped North Korea evade sanctions.

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USCG Enforces North Korea Sanctions in East China Sea

North Korea

USCG sent its cutter to Sasebo, Japan to enforce North Korea sanctions in the East China Sea.

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US Blacklists WT Marine over North Korea Links

US flag

WT Marine Pte, a marine fuels company from Singapore blacklisted by U.S. Treasury.

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U.S. Blacklists Russian Ships, Owners for North Korea Ties

North Korean flag

The U.S. has sanctioned six ships and two Russian shipping companies for ties with North Korea.

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UN Blacklists 27 Ships over North Korea Links

UN adds 27 ships to its blacklist as part of its clamp down on North Korea over its nuclear program.

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US Sanctions 28 More Ships

The United States has imposed a new wave of sanctions against North Korea's regime.

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North Korean Ship in Third Suspicious Transfer of Goods

North Korean tanker spotted by a Japanese plane in yet another suspected illegal transfer of goods.

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U.S. Sanctions Six More North Korean Ships

The U.S. continues to clamp down on North Korean vessels suspected of breaching international sanctions.

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N. Korean Tanker in Suspicious Contact with Dominican Ship

North Korean tanker was spotted in a suspected illegal transfer of goods with a Dominican-flagged tanker.

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Panama Revoking Registration to Two Ships Linked to N. Korea

Panama to cancel the registration of the two ships suspected of breaching sanctions against North Korea.

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Tanker Seized for Suspected Oil Transfer to North Korea

Panama-flagged ship Koti was seized as the vessel is believed to have transferred oil products to North Korea.

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US Aims to Blacklist 10 More Ships over North Korea Cargo

Reuters: The United States is looking to blacklist another ten ships for carrying banned cargo from North Korea.

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Trump Administration Sanctions 20 North Korean Ships

In a latest wave of measures aimed at disrupting North Korea’s “illicit funding of its unlawful nuclear ...

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MPA: North Korean Ships Cannot Bunker in Singapore

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) has informed the shipping community that Singaporean ships may ...

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Four Ships Banned from Ports for N. Korea Sanctions Breach

The United Nations Security Council has imposed a global port ban on four ships due to their violation of sanctions ...

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Ship Seized off Egypt Illegally Flying Cambodian Flag

The three ships owned by a North Korean firm that have been registered under the Cambodian flag of convenience had ...

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China Bans Condensate, LNG Export to North Korea

China has imposed a ban on the export of condensate oil and liquefied natural gas to North Korea taking effect on ...

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Trump Clamps Down on North Korea's Shipping, Ports

The United States President Donald Trump has issued an executive order on imposing additional sanctions against ...

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North Korea Ratifies Wreck Removal Treaty

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has ratified the International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) ...

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North Korean Ship Sinks off China, 27 Crew Rescued

Twenty seven crew members were rescued from a North Korean general cargo ship identified as Kum San that sank on ...

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