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Gazprom Neft to Supply Low-Sulphur Marine Fuel to RCI, Saga


Gazpromneft Marine Bunker inks bunker supply deals with Royal Caribbean and Saga Cruises.

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SEA\LNG: LNG Sets Path Forward to Meet IMO GHG 2050 Goals


LNG is a viable pathway to meet the IMO 2050 GHG targets, SEA\LNG believes. 

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Dutch Majors to Jointly Study Methanol as Marine Fuel

Green Maritime Methanol - Methanol as marine fuel

Dutch shipowners, shipyards, manufacturers and ports to jointly study methanol as a marine fuel.

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Hapag-Lloyd Cruises: The End of HFO Era in Expedition Fleet

All Hapag-Lloyd Cruises' expedition ships to start using MGO from July 2020.

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Bunker One to Start Marine Fuel Supply in German Ports

Bunker One reveals plans to establish a new physical bunker entity that will serve the German market. 

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Interview: Hydrogen Is the Ideal Zero-Emissions Fuel


Traver Kennedy, Chairman and CEO of Joi Scientific, speaks on the potential of hydrogen to be the fuel of the future.

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WinGD, Wärtsilä & GTT to Facilitate Uptake of LNG Fuel

LNG fuelled tank design equipped with GTT’s membrane containment system

WinGD, Wärtsilä and GTT have joined forces on making the use of LNG fuel easier for shipowners.

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LNG as Marine Fuel Expensive Distraction for EU

Study: USD 22 billion investment in LNG infrastructure for shipping in Europe a costly distraction.

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Panagopulos: LNG as Fuel Perfect Bridge until 2050

Forward Ship CEO, Alexander P. Panagopulos

Alexander P. Panagopulos, CEO of Forward Ships: LNG as marine fuel is the future.

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Study Supports Case for Methanol as Sustainable Marine Fuel

Methanol-powered ferry

Methanol is gaining ever greater support as an environmentally-friendly marine fuel.

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Stena Oil to Build Sulphur Cap Adapted Marine Fuel Terminal

Stena Oil's Bunkering Terminal in Frederikshaven

Stena Oil to build a marine fuel terminal in the Port of Frederikshavn fully adapted for Sulphur Directive 2020.

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Diesel Fuel Spills at APM Terminal in Bayonne

USCG crew

USCG: Marine diesel fuel spill was reported at the APM Terminal in Bayonne, New Jersey, on April 25.

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Interview: Methanol Is Ready for Use as Marine Fuel

Methanol is ready to go as a marine fuel now, and could be playing a much bigger role post-2020.

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What Will Be THE Marine Fuel of the Future?

WMN explores what will be the fuel of choice for owners ahead of IMO's 2020 Sulfur Cap.

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Oshima Developing New Marine Fuel

A new fuel which aims to meet all air emission regulations is being developed.

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Port Infrastructure, Attractive Price to Drive LNG Demand

Supply infrastructure at major ports and attractive pricing are to drive demand for LNG as a marine fuel.

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Introducing Floating Solar Fuel Rig for Hydrogen Production

Researchers have developed a floating solar fuels rig for the production of hydrogen.

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H-Line Shipping Eyes Construction of LNG-Fueled Bulker

H-Line Shipping is teaming up with industry partners on the design and construction of an LNG-fueled 80,000 dwt bulker.

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France Turning to LNG as Marine Fuel, Bolstering Ports

The French state will modify its regulations to facilitate the uptake of liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a marine ...

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Aegean Anticipates Q3 Loss due to Tough Market

Marine fuel company Aegean Marine Petroleum Network Inc. expects to report a net loss for the third quarter of 2017 ...

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Aegean Pulls Out from Physical Supply Market in Singapore

Marine fuel logistics company Aegean Marine Petroleum Network has decided to exit the Singapore market as a ...

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