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MAIB: Grounded Russian Vessel off Falmouth Had No Insurance

Grounded Russian cargo ship Kuzma Minin

Concerns over Kuzma Minin’s lack of P&I insurance cover "caused unexpected pressures" in salvage ops.

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Poor Watchkeeping Leads to Ferry, Motor Vessel Collision


RoRo passenger ferry Red Falcon collided with a motor cruiser due to poor navigational watchkeeping practice.

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MAIB: Ferry Hit Pier, Grounded due to Loss of Control

Wikimedia Commons/Towel401 under public domain license

MAIB: Ferry Pride of Kent struck a jetty and grounded in late 2017 while departing Calais amid loss of control.

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Man Dies after Falling from Tug near Tranmere Oil Terminal

Tug boat

Man died after falling from a tug into the River Mersey near the Tranmere Oil Terminal.

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Lack of Detailed Pilotage Plan Led to Celtica Hav Grounding

Celtica Hav grounding damage

MAIB: Cargo vessel Celtica Hav grounded on a stone training wall due to a lack of detailed pilotage plan.

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Stena Line Ferry in Near Miss with Royal Navy Submarine

Stena Superfast VII

A Stena Line ferry had a close quarters encounter with a Royal Navy submarine, according to UK MAIB.

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Seatruck Pace Crew Member Dies following Serious Injury


MAIB: A crew member of the Ro-Ro cargo ship Seatruck Pace died following a serious injury.

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Wight Sky Passenger Ferry Hit by Fire

Wight Link ferry

M/V Wight Sky RoRO ferry suffered a fire while in berth at Lymington.

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MAIB: Vessel's Weak Safety Culture Led to Fatal Accident

SMN Explorer

Weak safety culture aboard the cargo ship, SMN Explorer, led to a fatal accident in February 2018, MAIB noted.

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Insufficient Anchor Cable Led to River Humber Collision

Damage to Celtic Spirit's port side quarter

MAIB: Vessel dragged anchor and collided with two ships due to insufficient anchor cable and an unprepared crew.

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Miscommunication Led to CMA CGM Centaurus Incident

CMA CGM Centaurus

MAIB: Miscommunication between the bridge team and the pilot led to CMA CGM Centaurus hitting the quay in Jebel Ali.

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Boxship, LPG Tanker Damaged in Collision off Gibraltar

HM Coast Guard

MAIB: Containership ANL Wyong and LPG tanker King Arthur suffered damage in a collision off Gibraltar.

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MAIB: Debris in Ferry's Engine Led to Fire

Wight Sky

Debris in the engine’s oil channels caused engine failure and fire on board the ferry Wight Sky in September 2017.

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MAIB: Cargo Ship Grounded after Bridge Left Unattended

MAIB: Cargo ship Ruyter grounded on the Rathlin Island in October 2017 after its master left the bridge unattended.

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MAIB: Overconfidence Led to Islay Trader Grounding

Islay Trader

MAIB: The general cargo vessel Islay Trader grounded due to lack of planning and overconfidence.

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Ocean Prefect Grounded Due to Pilots' Limited Knowledge

Vessel Ocean Prefect

Pilots' limited local knowledge and the effect of a tidal set led to the groundings of bulker Ocean Prefect in June 2017.

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Fatigue, Conflicting Views Led to Dover Strait Collision

Seafrontier alongside Huayang Endeavour

Fatigue and conflicting views led to a collision between bulk carrier and oil tanker in Dover Strait in July 2017.

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MAIB: Saga Sky Should Have Sought Shelter off Dover

MAIB: Saga Sky, which collided with a rock carrying barge in November 2016, should have sought shelter.

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Ignition of Hydrogen Gas Led to Explosions aboard Bulker

The ignition of hydrogen gas released from the cargo caused two explosions on board Nortrader in January 2017.

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Poor Stevedoring Practices Led to Fatal Bulker Accident

Poor stevedoring practices probably contributed to an accident, which took the life of one seafarer, after an ...

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MAIB: Ever Smart Loses 42 Boxes off Japan

The UK Marine Accident Investigation Board (MAIB) has launched an investigation into the loss of over 40 containers ...

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