Ukrainian Ports to Become Deeper and Greener


USPA is making Ukrainian ports greener through a new concept.

Boxship, LPG Tanker Damaged in Collision off Gibraltar

HM Coast Guard

MAIB: Containership ANL Wyong and LPG tanker King Arthur suffered damage in a collision off Gibraltar.

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MAIB: Debris in Ferry's Engine Led to Fire

Wight Sky

Debris in the engine’s oil channels caused engine failure and fire on board the ferry Wight Sky in September 2017.

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MAIB: Cargo Ship Grounded after Bridge Left Unattended

MAIB: Cargo ship Ruyter grounded on the Rathlin Island in October 2017 after its master left the bridge unattended.

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MAIB: Overconfidence Led to Islay Trader Grounding

Islay Trader

MAIB: The general cargo vessel Islay Trader grounded due to lack of planning and overconfidence.

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Ocean Prefect Grounded Due to Pilots' Limited Knowledge

Vessel Ocean Prefect

Pilots' limited local knowledge and the effect of a tidal set led to the groundings of bulker Ocean Prefect in June 2017.

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Fatigue, Conflicting Views Led to Dover Strait Collision

Seafrontier alongside Huayang Endeavour

Fatigue and conflicting views led to a collision between bulk carrier and oil tanker in Dover Strait in July 2017.

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MAIB: Saga Sky Should Have Sought Shelter off Dover

MAIB: Saga Sky, which collided with a rock carrying barge in November 2016, should have sought shelter.

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Ignition of Hydrogen Gas Led to Explosions aboard Bulker

The ignition of hydrogen gas released from the cargo caused two explosions on board Nortrader in January 2017.

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Poor Stevedoring Practices Led to Fatal Bulker Accident

Poor stevedoring practices probably contributed to an accident, which took the life of one seafarer, after an ...

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MAIB: Ever Smart Loses 42 Boxes off Japan

The UK Marine Accident Investigation Board (MAIB) has launched an investigation into the loss of over 40 containers ...

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CMA CGM Boxship Grounded due to Improper Pilotage Plan

The 18,000 TEU containership CMA CGM Vasco De Gama ran aground in August 2016 as it was too far north of the ...

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Muros Grounded Due to Lack of Danger Warnings

Spain-flagged bulk carrier Muros, which grounded off Norfolk in December 2016, ran into trouble following a change ...

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MAIB: Alcohol May Have Led to PLA Pilot's Fatal Fall

Alcohol consumption is likely to have contributed to an accident during cargo vessel boarding in October 2016, ...

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MAIB: Ferry Hebrides Grounded Due to Mechanical Failure

The ro-ro passenger ferry Hebrides ran aground due to a mechanical failure which resulted from a loose screw, the ...

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Transocean Winner Tow Had No Storm Contingency Plan

Poor condition of the tow line, inclement weather and the lack of storm contingency plan led to the grounding of ...

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Domingue's Fatal Sinking Partly Due to Inexperienced Crew

The inexperience of the crew of the Domingue tug that sank while assisting the container ship CMA CGM Simba in the ...

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MAIB: Car Carrier, Ferry Collided due to 'Motion Illusion'

The distortion of the pilot’s spatial awareness due to ‘relative motion illusion’ aboard the ...

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MAIB: Improper Lookout Led to Collision off Scotland

The cargo ship Daroja and the bunker barge Erin Wood collided some two miles east of Peterhead, Scotland in August ...

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MAIB Kicks Off Investigation of Saga Sky Collision

Following a collision between the forest product carrier Saga Sky and the anchored stone carrying barge Stema Barge ...

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MAIB: Number of Ship Accidents Drops in 2015

The number of accidents reported to the UK’s Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) dropped to 1,057 ...

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MAIB: Cemfjord Sinking Could Have Been Avoided

Cyprus registered cement carrier, which capsized on January 2, 2015 in violent sea conditions, was a “fatal ...

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