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Livestock Carrier Catches Fire in Greek Port

Greek flag

The events that led to the incident are not know. There were no cattle aboard at the time.

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Kuwaiti Owner Cancels Shipbuilding Deal at Uljanik


Uljanik received newbuilding contract cancellation for a livestock carrier from a Kuwait client.

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MV Jawan Stripped of Australian Livestock Carriage License

AMSA inspector

AMSA has revoked the Australian Certificate for the Carriage of Livestock for MV Jawan.

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GulfNav to Buy Four Livestock Carriers


GulfNav plans to buy four livestock carriers in an effort to diversify its commercial operations.

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Uljanik Cancels Newbuild Deal with Wellard


Wellard Ships receives a termination notice of the newbuild contract from Croatian shipbuilder Uljanik.

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Detained Livestock Carrier Released after Crew Got Paid

AMSA surveyor

AMSA: Livestock carrier MV Maysora has been released from detention.

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Livestock Carrier Stripped from Permit amid Multiple Defects

Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) found a number of issues on board the livestock carrier Al Messilah ...

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Greyman Express Kicks Off Australia-Cambodia Cattle Trade

Greyman Express, a livestock carrier owned by the Dutch shipping company Vroon, has recently transported 2,760 head ...

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COSCO Guangdong Delivers Final Livestock Carrier to Vroon

Gudali Express, the seventh and the last livestock carrier built at COSCO Guangdong Shipyard in China, has been ...

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Wellard Seals Financing for Latest Fleet Addition

Australian livestock ship owner and operator Wellard Ltd has finalized the financing of its livestock carrier M/V ...

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New Livestock Carrier Joins Wellard’s Fleet

Australian livestock ship owner and operator Wellard Group added to its fleet the M/V Ocean Shearer, a livestock ...

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Spotted: Vroon Makes It Seven

In today’s spotted we present you Gudali Express, the seventh and last from the batch of livestock ...

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Livestock Carrier Greyman Express Joins Its Owner

China’s Cosco Guangdong Shipyard has delivered the new livestock carrier Greyman Express to the Dutch shipping ...

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Vroon Adds Vessel Duo from Cosco Guangdong

Dutch shipping company Vroon has taken delivery of the fifth in a line of seven livestock carriers being built for ...

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Australia: Stranded Livestock Carrier Resumes Voyage

The livestock export ship MV Ocean Outback, which spent almost two weeks in Australia’s port of Perth due to ...

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Update: Fire aboard Livestock Carrier Extinguished

Portland Country Fire Authority (CFA) crews said in an update that the fire that broke out on board the livestock ...

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Livestock Carrier Catches Fire in Port of Portland

A livestock carrier caught fire Tuesday evening while docked at the Port of Portland in Victoria, Australia, ...

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Images: Livestock Carrier Sinks in Brazil

Lebanon-flagged livestock carrier MV Haidar has capsized earlier today while docked at Porto Vila do Conde in ...

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COSCO Lays Keel for Vroon's Final Livestock Carrier

The keel has been laid for the seventh livestock carrier being built for the Dutch shipping company Vroon at COSCO ...

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Spotted: Greyman Express Floated Out

China’s COSCO Guangdong Shipyard today launched Greyman Express, the sixth newbuilding livestock carrier to ...

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Uljanik to Build Livestock Carrier for Kuwaiti Client

Croatian shipbuilder Uljanik signed a contract with Livestock Transport & Trading Co. of Kuwait for the ...

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