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Pirates Kidnap Three Romanian Sailors off Togo


Three crew members of a Malta-flagged tanker kidnapped while in the Gulf of Guinea.

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Kidnapped MSC Mandy Crew Released

MSC Containership

The six kidnapped crew members of MSC Mandy have been released.

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Pirates Kidnap Crew Members from MSC Containership off Benin

MSC containership

Several crew members missing from MSC containership after a pirate attack off the coast of Benin, West Africa.

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Armed Pirates Kidnap Four Crew Members off Congo


Four crew members of an unnamed Singapore-flagged tug/supply vessel were kidnapped off Congo.

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Seafarers Warned of Abu Sayyaf Kidnapping Threat


Mariners urged to exercise extra vigilance when transiting the waters off Eastern Sabah and Sulu-Celebes Seas.

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Number of Crew Members Held Hostage Increasing YoY


IMB PRC: The number of crew members held hostage increasing in comparison to the same period in 2017.

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Kidnapped Crew of MV Glarus Freed


Twelve crew members of Swiss-flagged cargo ship MV Glarus have been freed.

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NIMASA: Search Launched for Kidnapped Crew of MV Glarus


Nigeria has launched a search and rescue operation for the kidnapped crew of MV Glarus.

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Report: Pirates Kidnap 12 Crew off Nigeria


Twelve crew members of a Swiss bulk carrier MV Glarus kidnapped off Nigeria.

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All Crew Kidnappings in 2018 Occurred in Gulf of Guinea


IMB report says that all 2018 crew kidnappings have so far occurred in the Gulf of Guinea in 6 separate incidents.

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ForestWave: 11 Kidnapped Crew Members Released

FWN Rapide

FWN Rapide's kidnapped crew released and safe, manager says.

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Piracy Attacks off East Africa Doubled in 2017

The number of piracy incidents doubled off the coast of East Africa in 2017 compared to 2016.

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ReCAAP Warns of Abu Sayyaf Kidnapping Threat in Malaysia


ReCAAP warns of crew abduction threat posed by members of Abu Sayyaf in Malaysia.

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Pirates Wound Two Guards, Take Two Crew Hostage off Benin

Luxembourg-flagged product-chemical tanker attacked by pirates while anchored in the Bay of Cotonou.

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Hijacked Marine Express Recovered, Crew Safe and Well

Marine Express and its twenty-two crew members have reassumed control of their ship.

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10 Bulker Crew Members Feared Kidnapped off Nigeria

Ten crew members of a bulk carrier are reported missing following a pirate attack off Brass, Nigeria.

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Kidnapped Captain of Royal 16 Found Dead

The captain of the Vietnamese-flagged bulk carrier Royal 16, kidnapped by pirates over a year ago, was found dead.

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56 Mariners Kidnapped in GoG in 2017

There have been 15 attacks against commercial ships within a 60 nautical miles radius of Bony Island over recent weeks.

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Ten Bulker Crew Members Saved from Pirates off Nigeria

Armed pirates boarded a drifting bulk carrier around 17 nautical miles south-southwest (SSW) off Bonny Island, ...

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Kidnapped Vietnamese Crew Member Rescued in Philippines

The Philippine military has rescued a Vietnamese sailor kidnapped from the bulk carrier Royal 16, together with ...

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Three Bodies of Kidnapped Sailors Recovered in Philippines

The Philippine military found the bodies of three sailors who were abducted on two separate occasions over nine ...

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