Iridium Can Be the Backbone of Digital Ships

Iridium Communications

Iridium reveals more on the GMDSS terminal and plans in the maritime sector.

Kidnapped MSC Mandy Crew Released

MSC Containership

The six kidnapped crew members of MSC Mandy have been released.

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Pirates Kidnap Crew Members from MSC Containership off Benin

MSC containership

Several crew members missing from MSC containership after a pirate attack off the coast of Benin, West Africa.

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Armed Pirates Kidnap Four Crew Members off Congo


Four crew members of an unnamed Singapore-flagged tug/supply vessel were kidnapped off Congo.

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Seafarers Warned of Abu Sayyaf Kidnapping Threat


Mariners urged to exercise extra vigilance when transiting the waters off Eastern Sabah and Sulu-Celebes Seas.

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Number of Crew Members Held Hostage Increasing YoY


IMB PRC: The number of crew members held hostage increasing in comparison to the same period in 2017.

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Kidnapped Crew of MV Glarus Freed


Twelve crew members of Swiss-flagged cargo ship MV Glarus have been freed.

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NIMASA: Search Launched for Kidnapped Crew of MV Glarus


Nigeria has launched a search and rescue operation for the kidnapped crew of MV Glarus.

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Report: Pirates Kidnap 12 Crew off Nigeria


Twelve crew members of a Swiss bulk carrier MV Glarus kidnapped off Nigeria.

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All Crew Kidnappings in 2018 Occurred in Gulf of Guinea


IMB report says that all 2018 crew kidnappings have so far occurred in the Gulf of Guinea in 6 separate incidents.

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ForestWave: 11 Kidnapped Crew Members Released

FWN Rapide

FWN Rapide's kidnapped crew released and safe, manager says.

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Piracy Attacks off East Africa Doubled in 2017

The number of piracy incidents doubled off the coast of East Africa in 2017 compared to 2016.

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ReCAAP Warns of Abu Sayyaf Kidnapping Threat in Malaysia


ReCAAP warns of crew abduction threat posed by members of Abu Sayyaf in Malaysia.

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Pirates Wound Two Guards, Take Two Crew Hostage off Benin

Luxembourg-flagged product-chemical tanker attacked by pirates while anchored in the Bay of Cotonou.

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Hijacked Marine Express Recovered, Crew Safe and Well

Marine Express and its twenty-two crew members have reassumed control of their ship.

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10 Bulker Crew Members Feared Kidnapped off Nigeria

Ten crew members of a bulk carrier are reported missing following a pirate attack off Brass, Nigeria.

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Kidnapped Captain of Royal 16 Found Dead

The captain of the Vietnamese-flagged bulk carrier Royal 16, kidnapped by pirates over a year ago, was found dead.

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56 Mariners Kidnapped in GoG in 2017

There have been 15 attacks against commercial ships within a 60 nautical miles radius of Bony Island over recent weeks.

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Ten Bulker Crew Members Saved from Pirates off Nigeria

Armed pirates boarded a drifting bulk carrier around 17 nautical miles south-southwest (SSW) off Bonny Island, ...

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Kidnapped Vietnamese Crew Member Rescued in Philippines

The Philippine military has rescued a Vietnamese sailor kidnapped from the bulk carrier Royal 16, together with ...

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Three Bodies of Kidnapped Sailors Recovered in Philippines

The Philippine military found the bodies of three sailors who were abducted on two separate occasions over nine ...

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Six Crew Kidnapped from Cargo Ship off Nigeria

Six crew members have been kidnapped from a general cargo vessel off Nigeria, according to ICC International ...

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