The Expedition Market: Adventure Meets Comfort

Going on a cruise to unique destinations is an emerging trend amongst adventurous people.

ITF Dockers Start Fight for Safety after JICT Incident


ITF Dockers agreed to aggressively work on improving safety after an incident involving chemicals at the JICT.

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Deal Reached on Higher Seafarer Wages


Seafarers across the globe can look forward to higher wages.

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Seafarer Dies after Being Struck by Container in Dublin

containers on a ship

A seafarer died after a container struck him at Southbank Quay, Ringsend, Dublin, on November 14.

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Asia Steps Up the Fight for Fair Treatment of Seafarers


Asia’s leading seafaring nations have greed Guidelines on the Fair Treatment of Seafarers.

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Report: Global Alliances Could Raise Competition Concerns

container ship

Alliances could raise competition concerns in what has become a concentrated market, according to ITF-OECD.

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ITF: Ordeal of Natig Aliyev Crew Finally Over

Natig Aliyev

Natig Aliyev, which spent eight months anchored south of Skagen, Denmark, has been released by Danish authorities.

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Ordeal of 57 Abandoned Ukrainian Seafarers Finally Over

Ukrainian seafarers

MTWTU: 57 Ukrainian seafarers return home after being left high and dry at sea.

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ITF, Nautilus Calling for Increase in Global Seafarer Wage

The ITF and Nautilus will call for an increase in monthly pay for the world’s lowest paid seafarers.

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ITF: Abandoned Qaaswa Crew Returns Home after 11 Months

ITF: The crew of the abandoned tanker Qaaswa finally returned home after spending almost a year off Tunisia.

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ITF, UAE Sign Deal to Protect Seafarers in UAE Waters

ITF and UAE Federal Transport Authority agree to jointly protect the rights of all seafarers operating in UAE waters.

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Tensions Heat Up over Panama Canal Safety Dispute

Panama Canal tug pulling LNG carrier

The dispute between the Panama Canal Authority and its tugboat captains over safety issues at the canal is intensifying.

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Italian Port Workers Launch Nation-Wide Strike

Italian Port Strike

All Italian ports hit by one-day strike staged by port workers.

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Seafarers Taken Hostage to Get Full Wages


Seafarers held captive by pirates will be paid all their contractual entitlements.

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ICTSI Signs New Union Deals with PNG Dockworkers

ICTSI dockworker

ICTSI signed new union deal that reinstate pay and conditions for workers at two union ports in PNG.

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ITF Urges Hutchison Ports to Improve Health and Safety Ops

Port Botany terminal

ITF urges Hutchison Ports to address health and safety incidents across their global operations.

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16 Seafarers Return Home after Months on Powerless Ship

16 crew members of the Bahrain-flagged containership Avonmoor have received their wages and returned home to Ukraine.

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ITF Condemns ACP's Sanctions against Tug Captains

Tug pulls LNG tanker Galea through Panama locks

ITF: Captains are refusing to perform operations in the canal due to health and safety concerns.

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ITF Highlights Union Issues at Latin American APM Terminals

APM Terminals Lázaro Cárdenas

ITF points to trade union issues that need to be addressed at APM Terminals in Latin America.

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Seafarer Goes Missing from Vroon's Livestock Carrier

A 45-year-old seafarer working on board the livestock carrier Galloway Express is reported missing.

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Abandoned Crew of Natig Aliyev Paid Outstanding Wages

The 19 crew members of oil products tanker Natig Aliyev receive outstanding wages.

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Dockers Secure Lashing Rights under New IBF Deal

Dockers guaranteed right to carry out lashing and other cargo handling services in ports under new IBF deal.

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