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Maritime Unions Urge Gov't to Save Australian Shipping


International maritime unions urge the Australian gov't to reverse the decline of the domestic shipping industry.

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Unions Demand Dockers’ Clause Be Upheld

unloading cargo

ITF said that despite all this time certain companies still refuse to uphold the Dockers’ Clause.

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ITF, Saudi Arabia Agree to Support Seafarers in Local Ports

ITF and Saudi Arabia have committed to work closely to support seafarers in all of the country's ports.

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ITF Urges Govts to Continue Search for Bourbon Rhode Crew

Bourbon Offshore

ITF demands that the search for seven missing Bourbon Rhode seafarers continue in the mid-Atlantic.

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ITF Slams US over Plans to Revoke Seafarer Visas


The U.S. said it would deny seafarers a visa if they work on board a vessel carrying Iranian oil.

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ITF Accuses Jakarta Port Security of Attacking Union Member

Hutchinson Ports Jakarta

The worker is said to have been assaulted by security guards inside a port security post.

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Irish Dockers Call for Safer Work Practice at Ports

Dock worker

The move comes on the back of a recent fatal incident on the Irish docks.

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Blumenthal Ship Released after Being Detained in Belgium


Belgian authorities detained the vessel following an inspection that revealed dozens of safety breaches and deficiencies.

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ITF Urges Sri Lanka to Release Detained Ukrainian Captain


The captain was arrested in connection with a police investigation relating to OSV Avant Garde.

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Qaaswa Seafarers Return Home after 13 Months off Tunisia

Crew from tanker Qaaswa repatriated

Twelve seafarers sent home after being marooned off the Port of Sfax, Tunisia, for 13 months.

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ITF Calls for Lashing Ban for Foreign Crew in Canada

Maersk Patras

ITF called on the Transport Canada to ban foreign-crew from undertaking lashing after Maersk Patras incident.

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Seafarers Detail Working Conditions on Blumenthal Vessels

Anna Elisabeth

Current and ex-crew members told stories of intimidation, threats and abusive conditions on Blumenthal vessels.

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ITF: Los Angeles Port Incident Takes Life of Longshoreman


ILWU's longshoreman has lost his life in fatal incident in Los Angeles, U.S.

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ITF Stages Worldwide Rallies in Support of Aussie Seafarers


Seafarers are demanding a strong Australian shipping industry.

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ITF Draws Attention to Confined Space Fatalities


There has been a massive rise in workers' deaths in confined spaces.

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ITF Putting Pressure on Bluships over Seafarer Rights Issues

Johann M. K. Blumenthal

An inspection operation is being launched after bulker Anna-Elisabeth was detained in Australia.

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ILO: Women, Young Seafarers to Gain More Access to Industry

ITF, International Labour Organization

ILO to make the maritime profession more attractive and accessible to young and women seafarers.

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AMSA: Crew Aboard Ship at BHP Terminal Have Sufficient Food

BHP; ITF; MV Villa Deste

AMSA will attend the vessel for inspection next week.

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ITF Claims Crew Neglected aboard Ship at BHP Terminal

International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) claims that crew members aboard a ship at a BHP terminal in Queensland are being neglected and underpaid

A seafarer reportedly contacted ITF to complain about conditions aboard bulk carrier Villa Deste.

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ITF Calls on BHP to Reverse Decision on Australian Crew

ITF opposes the BHP's decision to remove Australian crew from two vessels.

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ITF Dockers Start Fight for Safety after JICT Incident


ITF Dockers agreed to aggressively work on improving safety after an incident involving chemicals at the JICT.

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