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Rescue Ship Seized in Italy after Migrants Disembark

Sea-Watch 3 disembarkation in Lampedusa, Italy

The migrants were disembarked against minister of interior Salvini's orders to prevent them from doing so.

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Turkish Cargo Ship Listing on Breakwater in Italy

Efe Murat grounded off Italy

Cargo ship Efe Murat ran aground on a breakwater off Bari, Italy. Vessel continued listing since the incident.

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Crew Evacuated from Burning Ship off Chioggia, Italy

cargo ship

Crewmembers of a general cargo vessel evacuated after their ship caught fire off Italy.

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DeA Capital Extends Its Roots to Shipping


DeA Capital Alternative Funds has expanded its business into the shipping industry in Italy.

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EU Calls on Italy, Spain to Align Port Taxation

European Commission

The European Commission has proposed that Italy and Spain align their taxation of ports with State aid rules.

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France, Italy Join in RDI to Remain Ahead of Asian Yards


French and Italian shipbuilding associations signed a common RDI Roadmap for Shipbuilding and ship supply.

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Yilport Makes a Bid for Italian Box Terminal Concession

Container port

Port and terminal operator, Yilport Holding, submitted its offer for Taranto Container Terminal concession in Italy.

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Alexander Maersk Berths in Sicily, Disembarks 108 Migrants

Maersk ship, which picked up 113 migrants on Friday, has berthed at Pozzallo, disembarking distressed people.

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Merchant Ships Hostage of Italian Immigration Policy

Maersk Line

Not allowing merchant ships to disembark migrants could have significant implications on trade in the Mediterranean.

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Maersk’s Feeder Rescues 113 Migrants off Italy


Maersk Line's feeder picks up 113 people from a boat off southern Italy.

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Shipping Industry Worried over Italy's Migrants Policy


European shipowners concerned about Italy's policy of refusing migrants to enter its ports.

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Libya Sends 1st Cargo of Propane Gas to Italy after 4 Years

A total of 61,761 barrels of propane gas have been shipped to Italy from Libya's Zueitina Port, NOC said.

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Italian Port Workers Launch Nation-Wide Strike

Italian Port Strike

All Italian ports hit by one-day strike staged by port workers.

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All Italian Ports to Strike Today


A nation-wide strike has been announced for today in Italian ports.

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ETF Urges Sicilian Ports to Tackle Attempts of Self-Handling


ETF: Undisclosed shipping lines have attempted to conduct self-handling in a number of Italian ports.

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Italian Shipowners Join Forces in New Association

Italian shipowners have set up a new association under the name AssArmatori.

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Court Declares RBD Armatori Bankrupt

Rizzo-Bottiglieri-De Carlini Armatori SpA has been declared bankrupt by the Court of Torre Annunziata.

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VIDEO: Gustav Maersk Refloated after Grounding off Italy

The 9,038 TEU container vessel Gustav Maersk was refloated after it ran aground in the Messina Strait, Italy in the ...

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Toxic Fumes Kill Three on RoPax in Italy

Three people were killed and another was seriously injured by toxic fumes during maintenance works on board the ...

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EU Commission Looks Into Italy's State Aid for Naples Port

The European Commission has opened an in-depth probe to verify whether direct grants of EUR 44 million (USD 48.8 ...

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Giuseppe Bono Remains Fincantieri’s CEO

Italian shipbuilding major Fincantieri informed yesterday that its new Board of Directors confirmed Giuseppe Bono ...

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