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Leda Maersk Grounded as Crew Did Not Use E-Navigation


Leda Maersk's crew failed to fully use electronic navigation aids prior to the ship's grounding.

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Freighter Rhodanus Refloated in Strait of Bonifacio


The 1998-built ship grounded in a marine reserve after missing a turning point.

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Freighter Runs Aground off Corsica, France


The ship failed to respond to radio calls before missing a turning point.

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Cargo Ship Refloated after Grounding off Dominican Coast

Habib Express

Habib Express grounded in shallow waters southwest of Beata Island, Dominican Republic.

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Norway: Wreck of Grounded Cargo Ship Cut Up and Removed

Wreck of grounded cargo ship Osfjord

The M/S Osfjord wreck was cut up into six sections, that were then transported to a scrap yard.

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MAIB: Officer Watched Music Videos Before Ship Grounded

MV Priscilla

Instead of returning to the planned track, an alternative route was chosen, placing the vessel in imminent danger.

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Cargo Ship Grounds off Sweden, Alcohol Influence Suspected

Baltic Carrier

Swedish Coast Guard suspects the Master was under the influence of alcohol when the unit grounded off Helsingborg.

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Hundreds Evacuated after Balearia Ferry Grounds off Spain

Pinar del Rio

The ferry had 393 passengers and 70 vehicles on board when it grounded.

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MAIB: Grounded Russian Vessel off Falmouth Had No Insurance

Grounded Russian cargo ship Kuzma Minin

Concerns over Kuzma Minin’s lack of P&I insurance cover "caused unexpected pressures" in salvage ops.

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Cosco Bulker Aground between Argentina and Uruguay


The COSCO Shipping Bulk-owned vessel ran into trouble at km 105 of the Martin Garcia Channel on July 16.

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Grounded Singapore Ferry Evacuated off Indonesia

Indera Bupala

The ferry's 40 passengers were evacuated by the Indonesian Coast Guard.

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BBC Oregon Refloated after Grounding off Newfoundland

BBC Oregon aground

There were no reports of injuries or pollution following the incident.

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Hapag-Lloyd Boxship Briefly Grounds, Hits Crane in Vietnam

Hapag-Lloyd containership

Hapag-Lloyd vessel damaged a gantry crane in Vietnam after briefly grounding, company confirmed.

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Tanker Grounds in Greek Waters


A small clean tanker ran aground near the Port of Gavrio, Andros island in Greece.

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Grounded Solomon Trader Undergoing Lightering

Solomon Trader

The amount of oil spilled is believed to be higher than the initial estimates of 70 tonnes.

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Resolve Marine to Deal with Solomon Trader Incident


KP&I appoints Resolve Marine to oversee the Solomon Trader incident response in the Solomon Islands.

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Turkish Cargo Ship Listing on Breakwater in Italy

Efe Murat grounded off Italy

Cargo ship Efe Murat ran aground on a breakwater off Bari, Italy. Vessel continued listing since the incident.

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Solomon Trader Grounding Turns into Environmental Disaster

Solomon Trader

Estimates: Some 60 tonnes of oil spilled from the grounded bulker Solomon Trader off Solomon Islands.

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Lack of Detailed Pilotage Plan Led to Celtica Hav Grounding

Celtica Hav grounding damage

MAIB: Cargo vessel Celtica Hav grounded on a stone training wall due to a lack of detailed pilotage plan.

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Tanker Refloated after Grounding in Elbe River

Oriental Nadeshiko

Tanker Oriental Nadeshiko was refloated only hours after it ran aground in the river Elbe on January 21.

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Japanese Tanker Runs Aground in Elbe River

A Panama-flagged tanker runs aground in the river Elbe, off Cuxhaven.

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