Hydrogen Is the Ideal Zero-Emissions Fuel


Traver Kennedy, CEO of Joi Scientific, speaks on the potential of hydrogen as marine fuel.

Fire-Stricken Regina Seaways Reaches Klaipeda Port

Regina Seaways

Fire-stricken Regina Seaways safely reached Klaipėda Seaport in the evening hours of October 2.

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Maersk Bolsters Rules on Dangerous Goods Stowage

Maersk Honam fire

Maersk has implemented new guidelines on stowage to improve safety across its containership fleet.

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IUMI Worried over Containership Fires

Maersk Honam fire

Containership fires, mis-declared cargoes a worrying trend for marine insurers.

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Stolt Disappointed with MSC Flaminia Ruling


Stolt Tank Containers: We were disappointed and disagree with the ruling.

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Court: MSC Not Liable for Losses from MSC Flaminia Fatal Fire

MSC Flaminia

New York District Court: MSC not liable for the explosion and losses related to the MSC Flaminia fire from July 2012.

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Over 100 People Evacuated from Burning Ferry in Philippines

ferry fire

Over 100 people evacuated from burning ferry in the Philippines.

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Boxship Catches Fire off Singapore


A 9,092 TEU containership caught fire on August 23, while it was en route to Singapore. 

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Fire Breaks Out on Board Greek Ferry, Passengers Evacuated


A ferry carrying more than 1,000 people on board caught fire while it was en route to Chania on August 29.

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Port of Antwerp Hit by Fire

Fire erupts at nickel ore warehouse at Port of Antwerp, Belgium.

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SFI’s Fire-Stricken Super Tanker Taken under Tow

Front Hakata

Front Hakata, which was adrift following an engine fire, has been taken under tow.

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MAIB: Debris in Ferry's Engine Led to Fire

Wight Sky

Debris in the engine’s oil channels caused engine failure and fire on board the ferry Wight Sky in September 2017.

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Tanker Fire Under Control in Gadani

A fire which broke out on board a tanker at a shipbreaking yard in Gadani has been put under control.

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Fire-Stricken Iron Chieftain to Be Retired

Iron Chieftain

Bulker Iron Chieftain is to be retired due to significant damage sustained after catching fire at Port of Kembla.

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Fire Hits Bulker in Dordrecht, Netherlands

A fire breaks out on an ocean-going vessel at Mallegat-Noord in Dordrecht, the Netherlands.

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SSL Kolkata Lists Starboard following Further Explosions

The ordeal of the fire-stricken merchant vessel SSL Kolkata is far from over.

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Burning Cargo Ship Anchored off Kolkata

SSL Kolkata

Indian forces dropped anchor from the burning SSL Kolkata on June 16, only days after the ship caught fire off Sandheads.

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Bulker Ignites in Port of Kembla


Over 100 firefighters were sent to extinguish a fire on the bulker Iron Chieftain at the Port of Kembla, Australia.

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Cargo Vessel Suffers Explosion, Fire off Kolkata

The 13,814 dwt general cargo vessel SSL Kolkata ignited on June 13 due to an explosion on the vessel's deck.

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Poor Maintenance Practices Led to Caribbean Fantasy Fire

Caribbean Fantasy Fire

Poor safety culture and maintenance practices led to the 2016 fire aboard the RoRo vessel Caribbean Fantasy.

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Maersk Honam Completes Cargo Discharging at Jebel Ali

Maersk Honam fire

Maersk Honam completed cargo discharge operations; first containers released for onward transport.

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Fire Disables Polaris Shipping’s Ore Carrier

Polaris Ace

Stellar Samba stuck for four days off Brazilian coast after a generator fire.

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