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Ernst Russ, Peter Döhle Sell Hammonia Reederei

Hammonia Reederei

Ernst Russ and Peter Döhle sell their shares in Hammonia Reederei.

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Ernst Russ Eyes Further Fleet Expansion

Ernst Russ vessel

After it acquired five container ships, Ernst Russ said that it is looking to expand its fleet with more vessels.

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Ernst Russ Ditches Its Marenave Stake

Ernst Russ has sold its stake in compatriot Marenave Schiffahrts AG.

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Ernst Russ Invests in Two Second-Hand Boxships

Germany’s ship manager Ernst Russ Group has acquired two second-hand containerships. The two fleet additions ...

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Ernst Russ' Earnings Rise amid Restructuring

German asset and investment management company Ernst Russ informed that its first half of 2017 financial ...

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Ernst Russ Wants More Say at Marenave

German asset and investment management company Ernst Russ seems to be on the path of seizing more control of ...

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HCI Capital Expands Its Footprint in Shipping Industry

Germany-based investment company HCI Capital has taken a further leap into the shipping industry with the ...

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Germany: Five Stars for Ernst Russ

Germany - Five Stars for Ernst Russ

The shipping company Ernst Russ strives continuously for the highest quality, safety and environmental standards in ...

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