Any Light at the End of the Tunnel for Tankers?

MSI's Tim Smith reveals when to expect the tanker market to recover.

German Court Rejects Appeal against Elbe River Dredging

The Port of Hamburg may finally see more giant containerships enter its waters. Namely, the Federal Administrative ...

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HHLA Chairwoman: Elbe Dredging Must Happen

Dredging of the river Elbe must take place, Angela Titzrath, Chairwoman of Hamburger Hafen und Logistik (HHLA) ...

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Court: Elbe Dredging "Partially Illegal"

Hamburg port

Germany’s Federal Administrative Court (Bundesverwaltungsgericht) in Leipzig has approved in principle the ...

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Hamburg Awaits Decision on Elbe Deepening

The decision to adjust the navigation channel on the Lower and Outer Elbe River, an expansion project which would ...

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Decision on Elbe Dredging Urgent

Court decision on the implementation of the widening and deepening of the navigation channel on the Lower and Outer ...

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VIDEO: Decision on Elbe River Expansion Pushed Back

German Federal Administrative Court has decided to postpone decision on expansion of Elbe river that would allow ...

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