Shipping’s Decarbonization Will Need Major R&D Investment

Collaboration and investment in technology development key for meeting IMO's targets

Firearms, Ammo Found on Freighter Arrested off Crete

Greek authorities have discovered two containers carrying undocumented ammunition and firearms on the general cargo ...

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HCG Arrests Freighter Carrying Undocumented Weapons to Libya

A cargo ship carrying an undocumented shipment of weapons to Libya was arrested yesterday some 20 nautical miles ...

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Livestock Carrier Catches Fire off Crete

A livestock carrier caught fire on August 1 off the Greek island of Crete while en route from Lebanon to ...

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Three Crew Members Missing after Cargo Ship Sinks off Crete

The Hellenic (Greek) Coast Guard is searching for three missing crew members of the Togo-flagged cargo ship, Ag ...

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