North Sea Port Ready to Invest in Hydrogen as Fuel

North Sea Port is looking to invest in hydrogen as marine fuel when time comes.

Fire Breaks Out in Port of Barcelona after Ferry Hits Crane

Port of Barcelona

A fire erupted in the Port of Barcelona after a ferry collided with a loading crane.

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Damaged CLS Virginia Heads for Romania

CLS Virginia

CLS Virginia has finally been allowed to set sail.

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Erna Oldendorff Hits Bridge in Japan

Erna Oldendorff

The Oldendorff Carriers vessel Erna Oldendorff struck the Oshima bridge on its way to Etajima, Japan.

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Red Falcon Ferry Runs Aground in Heavy Fog

uk coast guard logo

An Isle of Wight ferry runs aground after colliding with two moored yachts.

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RoRo that Hit Anchored Boxship Allowed to Head for Tunisia

Ulysse RORO

The Tunisian-flagged RoRo Ulysse, which collided with an anchored boxship a week ago, allowed to head for Tunisia.

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Collided RoRo and Containership Finally Disentangled

collision between Ulysses and CLS Virginia

After five days of being entangled, the Tunisian Ro-Ro ship Ulysse has been separated from CLS Virginia's hull.

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Update: First Attempt to Separate Collided Ships Fails


The first attempt to pull apart Ulysse from the Cyprus-flagged containership CLS Virginia was unsuccessful.

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Bunker Spills after RoRo Rams into Anchored Containership


A bunker spill has been reported after RO-RO ship Ulysse collided with Cyprus-flagged containership CLS Virginia.

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Typhoon Jebi Smashes Japanese Tanker into Airport Bridge

Japanese Coast Guard

Japanese tanker smashes into Kansai International Airport bridge.

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MV Royal Arsenal's Crew Still Detained in Iraq One Year On

MV Royal Arsenal bulker

MV Royal Arsenal's crew still detained at Umm Qasr, Iraq, one year after collision with Al Misbar.

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Another Body Found after Hit and Run Incident off India

Map of collision

India locates fisherman's body after collision between a merchant vessel and fishing boat.

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Tanker Damages Dock at Ploce Port, Croatia

Ploce Port

A tanker loaded with oil rammed into a dock in the Croatian Port of Ploce, causing significant damage.

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Cecilie Maersk Collides with Fishing Vessel

Maersk Line

p Cecilie Maersk collided with a fishing vessel on August 7, while en route to Le Port, Reunion.

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Boxship, LPG Tanker Damaged in Collision off Gibraltar

HM Coast Guard

MAIB: Containership ANL Wyong and LPG tanker King Arthur suffered damage in a collision off Gibraltar.

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ATSB: Late Avoiding Action Led to January Collision

Australia released a report into the collision between containership Beijing Bridge and fishing vessel Saxon Onward.

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Suez Canal Grinds to a Halt after Multi-Ship Groundings

Suez canal

Egypt's busiest waterway has been experiencing traffic mayhem amid several groundings, collisions.

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10 Missing after Cargo Ship Sinks off Shanghai


10 mariners are reported missing following a collision between two ships off Shanghai.

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Ore Carrier, Boxship Collide in Taiwan's Port of Kaohsiung


Ore carrier collided with a containership while it was maneuvering in bad weather in Port of Kaohsiung.

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Bulker, Utility Vessel Collide due to Lack of Proper Lookout

ATSB: Bulker Jag Arnav collided with a fast utility vessel due to the lack of a proper and effective lookout.

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ATSB: Improper Lookout Led to Collision off Victoria

ATSB: Hapag-Lloyd's boxship Glasgow Express collided with a fishing vessel in August 2017 due to improper lookout.

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Tanker's Hull Ripped in Collision off New York

Tanker Tofteviken

The 115,340 dwt tanker Tofteviken suffered a 30-foot gash along its portside hull in a collision on May 12.

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