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APL Further Cuts Fleet CO2 Emissions in 2017

APL Vanda at berth

APL reduced its CO2 emissions per container per kilometer by 50.7% in 2017, compared to its base level in 2009.

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Port of Antwerp, Fluxys Team Up for CO2 Capture

Port of Antwerp

Port of Antwerp and Fluxys are joining forces on carbon capture, storage and reuse in the fight against climate change.

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More Information Exchange Needed to Cut CO2 Emissions


Stasinakis: More information exchange is needed to meet IMO's CO2 emission reduction targets.

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Port of Rotterdam Calls for Higher CO2 Price

Port of Rotterdam

Port of Rotterdam has called for the formation of a North-West Europe coalition to introduce a higher CO2 price.

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35 States Pen Declaration on Cutting Shipping's Emissions

The international maritime transport industry has to take urgent measures in order to cut its share of emissions.

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ICS: Zero Carbon Shipping Future Achievable

The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) has a vision of zero CO2 emissions from shipping in the second half of ...

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Carnival Making Strides on Cutting CO2 Footprint

Cruise liner major Carnival Corporation claims to be ahead of schedule on reducing its carbon intensity and on ...

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CMA CGM Cuts CO2 Emissions by 4% in 2016

French container carrier CMA CGM has improved the CO2 performance of its ships by 4% in 2016 as part of its plans ...

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Pressure Mounts as Trump Pulls Out of Paris Accord

The decision of the President Donald Trump on US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement exerts further pressure on all ...

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Carnival Spends USD 400 Mn on Scrubbers

Carnival Glory

Cruise shipping major Carnival Corporation & plc has completed the installation and certification of Exhaust ...

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Shipping Vulnerable to Regional Action on Cutting CO2

Unless the International Maritime Organization (IMO) makes significant progress as part of its CO2 reduction ...

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Industry Calls for Inclusion of Ship CO2 in EU ETS

Associations of shippers and cargo owners have called on the European Parliament, Council and Commission to include ...

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Maersk Line, EQUATE to Cut CO2 Emission in Shipping

Danish shipping giant Maersk Line and producer of petrochemicals EQUATE Petrochemical Company have signed a ...

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ICS: IMO Could Set Initial CO2 Reduction Goals by 2018

The recent International Maritime Organization (IMO) agreement on a CO2 Road Map for shipping is a significant ...

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Shipping Industry Seeks More Progress on Cutting Emissions

The global shipping industry has called on International Maritime Organization (IMO) Member States to give serious ...

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CO2 Emission Cuts Should Apply to Entire Shipping Industry

In an effort to limit the increase in global temperature, the CO2 emission reduction measures must be introduced ...

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EU's CO2 Regulations Must Line Up with International Rules

The member national shipowners’ associations of the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) have agreed to ...

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Maersk Line, Borouge to Cut CO2 Footprint

Global shipping giant Maersk Line and Middle Eastern petrochemical company Borouge have signed a Carbon Pact in an ...

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Shipping Dropped from Paris Climate Deal

The global shipping and aviation industries have been left out from the draft Paris climate agreement published on ...

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ICS: Dramatic CO2 Measures Await the Shipping Industry

The international shipping industry is about to undergo additional CO2 reductions that will be achieved in the ...

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NGOs Push for CO2 Reduction Measures for Shipping

Shipping could be responsible for 17% of global CO2 emissions in 2050 if left unregulated, a study published ...

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