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Oversupply to Put More Pressure on Chemical Shipping Rates

The shipping fleet trading in chemical and vegoil markets is set to accelerate at a much faster pace than demand, ...

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Chemical Vessel Oversupply to Continue Squeezing Rates

The expected expansion of the chemical shipping fleet in 2017, driven by the large number of orders placed in ...

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Fleet Oversupply to Weaken Chemical Shipping Rates

Softening seaborne trade and rising fleet growth are expected to depress chemical shipping freight rates over the ...

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Drewry: Methanol Carriers to Grow in Size

The average size of a methanol ship is expected to increase with the addition of new methanol production capacity ...

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Thriving Products Market Attracts Chemical Tanker Swingers

Thriving Products Market Offers Lifeline to Chemical Tankers

Chemical shipping faces another tough year, but prospects are improving thanks to the strength of the product ...

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