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US Blacklists WT Marine over North Korea Links

US flag

WT Marine Pte, a marine fuels company from Singapore blacklisted by U.S. Treasury.

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U.S. Blacklists Russian Ships, Owners for North Korea Ties

North Korean flag

The U.S. has sanctioned six ships and two Russian shipping companies for ties with North Korea.

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UN Blacklists 27 Ships over North Korea Links

UN adds 27 ships to its blacklist as part of its clamp down on North Korea over its nuclear program.

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India Blacklists Two UAE Firms for Abandoning Seafarers

The UAE companies are repeat offenders with regard to breach of seafarers rights.

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US Aims to Blacklist 10 More Ships over North Korea Cargo

Reuters: The United States is looking to blacklist another ten ships for carrying banned cargo from North Korea.

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EU Blacklists 17 Tax Haven Countries

European Union finance ministers have adopted the first ever list of tax havens, which includes 17 countries that ...

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UN Removes Five Freighters from North Korea Blacklist

The United Nations Security Council has removed five merchant vessels from a list of economic resources controlled ...

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Report: SOMO Blacklists Three Crude Oil Tankers

Iraqi national company State Organization for Marketing of Oil (SOMO) has blacklisted three tankers which had been ...

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Blacklisted Indian-Flagged Tanker Returning to Libya

The Indian-flagged tanker that was blacklisted by the UN Security Council for carrying ‘illicit’ oil ...

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JES Blacklisted

The Supreme People’s Court of China has blacklisted Jiangsu Eastern Heavy Industry (JEHI), a subsidiary of ...

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