North Sea Port Ready to Invest in Hydrogen as Fuel

North Sea Port is looking to invest in hydrogen as marine fuel when time comes.

 Wärtsilä to Power Ponant’s New Cruise Ship

Ponant’s new cruise vessel

Wärtsilä’s 31 DF dual-fuel engine has been selected to power Ponant's polar ice-class luxury cruise ship.

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MOL's New VLCC to Test Ship Ops Support System Using AR

AR aboard MOL vessel

MOL is to install a ship operation support system using augmented reality technology aboard a newly built VLCC.

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BHP to Improve Safety by Using Drones in Ocean Freight Ops


BHP has started introducing drones into its ocean freight operations. 

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NACC Alicudi - 1st Cement Carrier with IMO Tier III Engines

Cement Carrier

NACC Alicudi became the world's 1st cement carrier equipped with IMO Tier III compliant diesel engines.

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Star Bulk Carriers Finance Scrubbers with Green Loan

etros Pappas, CEO of Starbulk

Star Bulk secures USD 70 million to buy scrubbers and install them on board vessels.

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AIDA Ship Duo Gets Intelligent Engine Maintenance

AIDAperla, AIDAstella

AIDA Cruises' ships, AIDAprima and AIDAperla, get intelligent engine maintenance service from Zeppelin Power Systems.

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Genco Unveils Comprehensive Plan Ahead of IMO 2020


Genco Shipping & Trading plans to install scrubbers on its 17 Capesize vessels.

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Interview: Hydrogen Is the Ideal Zero-Emissions Fuel


Traver Kennedy, Chairman and CEO of Joi Scientific, speaks on the potential of hydrogen to be the fuel of the future.

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Genting Hong Kong Chooses Scrubbers for Three Ships

Cruise ship World Dream

Genting Hong Kong has joined the latest scrubber shopping spree.

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Wärtsilä, Royal Caribbean Cruises Extend Service Deal

Allure of the Seas

Wärtsilä and Royal Caribbean Cruises have extended their service agreement to 2028.

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Newport Shipping Buys 100 Scrubbers from China

Newport Shipping - scrubber contract signing

Newport Shipping bought 100 scrubbers, with options for a 100 more, from Chinese scrubber maker Puyier.

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Eagle Bulk Eyes Bond Amendment to Finance Scrubber Retrofits


Eagle Bulk Shipping is looking to secure bond amendment in an effort to finance more scrubber retrofits.

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Wärtsilä Reorganizes Its Business

Wärtsilä is to reorganise into two business areas, Wärtsilä Marine Business and Wärtsilä Energy Business.

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Industry Heavyweights Join Forces in Promoting Scrubbers


Scrubbers supporters join forces to support the uptake of the technology ahead of the 2020 Sulphur Cap.

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Scorpio Unveils Scrubber Investment

Wartsila's scrubber

Scorpio to retrofit 'substantial majority' of its ships with scrubbers ahead of 2020.

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1 Pct of Bulker Fleet to Be Scrubber Fitted in 2020


Wood Mackenzie estimates that scrubbers will be installed on less than 1 pct of the bulker fleet in 2020.

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ClassNK: Existing Ships Should Install BWMS Early On


Installation of BWMS for many of ClassNK ships are highly concentrated in the year 2022.

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Norway to Deploy Drones to Sniff Out Sulphur Polluters


Norwegian Maritime Authority to use drones in ship inspections as of 2019.

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9 Pct of Global Terminals Are Semi-Automated

Daniel Schäfer

DS Research: 56 terminals, representing 9% of the global terminal capacity, are semi-automated.

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RR Uses Intelligent Awareness to 'Turn Night into Day'

MOL, RR verify the capacity of Intelligent Awareness and machine learning technologies to improve navigational safety.

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International Seaways Chooses Scrubbers for Its VLCCs


International Seaways is to install scrubbers on up to ten very large crude carriers (VLCCs).

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Ardmore Newbuilds Encounter BWTS Issues

Ardmore Shipping's newbuilds have experienced a number of BWTS-related operational issues.

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Alfa Laval: BWTS Installation Not to Be Taken Lightly

Alfa Laval: Shipowners should take at least nine months for the planning process prior to BWTS installation.

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Readers' Picks of the Week

Here are the most read stories of the past week.

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Carnival Corp: Retrofitting to LNG Is Not an Option

Carnival ship sailing through the Panama Canal.

Strang: Carnival Corporation is not considering retrofitting existing vessels to LNG.

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ABP Jumps on the Blockchain Bandwagon


Associated British Ports looking into the implementation of blockchain technology to improve port connectivity.

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TGE Marine Inks Deal for Tema LNG's Small-Scale FSRU

TGE Marine

TGE Marine Gas Engineering inked a contract for one of the world’s first floating storage and regasification units.

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