What to expect from the new MRV guidelines

By Shaun Bainbridge,
director at Lucideon

Shaun Bainbridge talks through the EU 2015/757 (MRV) shipping verification regulation.

The MRV (Monitoring, Reporting and Verification) regulation requires ships with 5,000 GT or greater to monitor, report, and verify their CO2emissions on an annual basis. The MRV covers ships that are transporting cargo or passengers for commercial purposes and that call at any EU port.

The MRV came into force on 1 July 2015 and becomes fully effective on 1 January 2018. Prior to this shipping companies will need to prepare a monitoring plan for each ship covered by the MRV and have that approved by their verification body.

Following verification, a document of compliance is issued by the verifier and this document should be kept on board ships to demonstrate compliance with the obligations for monitoring, reporting and verification. The document of compliance is valid for a period of 18 months. Each Member State shall ensure that any inspection of a ship in a port under its jurisdiction is carried out in accordance with Directive 2009/16/EC which includes checking that a valid document of compliance is carried on board.

Article 9 of the MRV requires that the port of departure and port of arrival including the date and hour of departure and arrival are monitored, as well as the amount and emission factor for each type of fuel consumed in total. CO2 emitted, distance travelled, time spent at sea, cargo carried and transport work must also be monitored.

What are the Scheme Reporting Deadlines?
By 31 August 2017 ship-specific monitoring plans must be submitted to verifiers for approval. On 1 January 2018 monitoring will commence to enable CO2 reporting per voyage. This has to follow the chosen method in the approved monitoring plan. Verified annual emission reports must be submitted to the European Commission by 30 April 2019. From 30 June 2019, ships arriving at, within, or departing from, a port under the jurisdiction of a Member State, and which have carried out voyages during that reporting period, shall carry on board a valid document of compliance. Also on that date, emissions data will be made publicly available by the European Commission.

Monitoring, reporting and verification will then continue on an annual basis.

What Services does Lucideon Provide?
Lucideon can guide you through the rules and regulations to ensure that your data is reported on time and accurately. Services provided include:
• Pre-verification (Gap Analysis) of MRP (Monitoring and Reporting Plan)
• Formal approval of the MRP
• Verification of the annual Emissions Report (Lucideon is on the UKAS pilot scheme for accreditation to deliver verifications and to approve monitoring plans. The pilot scheme commenced in July 2016 and is due to be completed by January 2017).

» Contact Lucideon for a no-obligation proposal and download our free white paper

Why Choose Lucideon?
Being on the UKAS pilot scheme for accreditation, under the MRV, means that Lucideon will be in the first tranche of accredited verification bodies – no risk of late verification for your monitoring plans and emissions reports. Lucideon was the first verification body to receive accreditation from UKAS for EU ETS and has verified more than $8 billion of CO2 to date. When the aviation sector fell under MRV in 2010, Lucideon led the way with verification of several hundred operators ranging from private jets through to national carriers and the largest budget airlines. At Lucideon the team already has considerable experience with approval of monitoring plans under the EU ETS as well as with Marine Equipment Directives (2014/90/EU and 96/98/EC). Lucideon has ex-regulators on its team to help clients understand the full process.

For more information visit www.lucideon.com/assurance

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