In Depth: Collective Power

HME facilitates international trade, stimulates innovation and cooperation and provides professional training. Creating value for our customers through a collective approach is one of the most inspiring elements in our work. As with any company, we continuously ask ourselves what our customer (really) wants. Either being an equipment supplier, ship owner, shipyard, branch organisation or governmental body. Sometimes this is rather clear: reducing costs, attracting competent personnel, gaining full order books. Other times it is less obvious. Especially with professional training, there are quite a lot of ‘hidden’ needs. When we see there is a need from the market, we provide the solution, but still we fail to be successful for our customers. Thankfully, we have an enthusiastic crew that keeps pushing for new initiatives and uses the strength of the collective. Let me give you a few examples.

During SMM 2012, we will provide no less than 51 companies an exhibitor place at the Maritime by Holland Pavilion. You can find the details on page 75. In order to prepare these companies for the exhibition, we organised a kick-off session in the Groningen Football Stadium shortly before the summer. We invited the customers of our customers to sit in a ‘Voice of Holland/Germany’ panel. What they needed to do was respond to SMM exhibitors’ sales pitches, after we collectively identified the SMM visitor needs. The dynamics during this session were fantastic and showed the power of a collective approach.

Another interesting collective initiative that we fully support is the concept of ‘Maritime Hotspots’. Details can be found on page 18. The reason we are so enthusiastic about this idea, is that it brings international cooperation to a new level. We truly believe that cooperation between customers, colleagues, knowledge institutes and governmental bodies will make a difference. Not via state aid or subsidies, but through commercial partnerships. HME is dedicated to playing an active role in building those new partnerships. We have already made a successful start in Brazil, in which a number of equipment suppliers, shipyards, several branch organisations, various governmental bodies and knowledge centre MARIN, are collectively building new partnerships via the Holland Marine House in Brazil.

Our innovation team is the key driver for new cooperations. We are currently working on a collective approach with regard to sustainability, stimulating cooperation between companies and colleges in the ‘Drechtsteden’ area, stimulating the effective use of IT onboard ships, using new technologies to support ships from the shore, and many more.

We invite you to use the power of the collective as well to fulfil the needs of your customer. We are confident that you will succeed. And if you need any assistance, feel free to contact us any time.

Gert-Jan Huisink Managing Director HME

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