Lion Shipbrokers: Fourteen Vessels Sold Last Week

Lion Shipbrokers, a shipbroking firm incorporated in the Marshall Islands, said in its weekly report that a total of 14 vessels changed their owners last week (from 17th to 25th of April).  The sold vessels include nine bulkers, one container vessel and four tankers.

The sold vessels are as follows:


The most active shippers from last week were Greek owners, followed by Chinese and Turkish counterparts.

  • M/V “SEA OF HARVEST” (kamsarmax) – 81,383 dwt, built in 2009 by Universal/Japan (KR, 7 HO/7 HA, MAN-B+W 7S50MC-C)
  • M/V “GRAND CHALLENGER” (kamsarmax) – 82,992 dwt, bulit in 2006 by Tsuneishi/Japan (KR, 7 HO/7 HA, MAN-B+W S50MC)
  • M/V “ATLANTIC ADVENTURE” (supramax) – 55,709 dwt, built in 2006 by Oshima/Japan ( KR, 5 HO/5 HA, MAN-B+W, Cr X30T)

were sold en bloc to Greek buyers (clients of Olympic Shipping) from KDIC (Korea Deposit Insurance Corp) region for $74-$77 mill. When considered individually Sea of Harvest was priced at abt $27-$28 mill, Grand Challenger at abt $25-$26 mill while Atlantic Adventure was price at abt $22-$23 mill.

  • M/V “CORONA ACE” (77,447 dwt, blt 1994 Kawasaki/Japan, NK, 5 HO/5 HA, B+W 5S60MC) was sold to Chinese buyers for $6.8 mill.
  • M/V “CHANE NAVIGATOR” (55,000 dwt, blt 2010 Qinfeng/China, BV, 5 HO/5 HA, MAN-B+W 6S50MC-C, Cr 4X30T) was sold to undisclosed buyers for $18.5 mill.
  • M/V “NIRMAL GAUTAM” (50,455 dwt, blt 1994, Danyard/Denmark, RI, 5 HO/5 HA, B+W 6S50MC, Cr 4X25T) was sold to undisclosed buyers for $6.5 mill (Note: through auction in Singapore basis dry-docking due November 2014)
  • M/V “HAY” (40,478 dwt, blt 1985, Mitsui/Japan, NK, 5 HO/5 HA, Cr 5X25T, LDT 7912) was sold to undisclosed buyers for $4 mill. ( the basis delivery in as-is Brazil, while the vessel has a Subcontinent scrap value today of $3.4 mill)
  • M/V “ACE CENTURY” (32,787 dwt, blt 2000, Kanda/Japan, NK, 5 HO/5 HA, Mitsubishi 6UEC50LSII, Cr 4X30MT) was sold to Greek buyers for $12 mill.
  • M/V “VOYAGER K” (26,591 dwt, blt 1985, Hakodate/Japan, NK, 5 HO/5 HA, B+W 6L50MCE, Cr 4X30T, LDT 7172) was sold to Turkish buyers for $3.5 mill.

Contrary to market reports, M/V “WOOYANG STERLING”  is still available for sale, pricewise as brokers try $6 mill for fixing.


The activities in the container market were not as vivacious. Only one container ship was sold during the aforementioned period, that being M/V “MERIAN” ( 20,336 dwt, blt 1994, Kvaerner Warnow/Germany, GL, 6 HO/8 HA, 1452 teus, 150 reefer plugs, Sulzer). The vessel was sold to undisclosed buyers for $4 mill.


  • M/T “VALPADANA” – 25,583 dwt, blt 2002, Shina/S. Korea RI ss due 5/2017 dd 6/2015, B+W 5S50MC, IMO III, d/hull-
  • M/T “VALDAOSTA” – 25,527 dwt, blt 2002, Shina/S. Korea, RI ss due 7/2017 dd 7/2015, B+W 5S50MC, IMO III, d/hull-

were sold en bloc to undisclosed buyers for $14.5 mil each.

  • M/T “CHEM STAR” – (19,993 dwt, blt 2009, Sekwang/Korea, KR,16 tanks ,cap 20,886 cbm, MAN-B+W 6S42MC)  was sold to Greek buyers for $20.5 mill.
  • M/T “LADY ARTEMIS” – (19,084 dwt, blt 1987, Kasado/Japan, AB ss 05/2016 dd 09/2014, Sulzer 5RTA48, 12 tanks, cap 19,416 cbm, epoxy coated, d/hull) was sold to Dubai based buyers for $4.25 mill

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