MEC Patents ‘Wave Catcher Barge’ (USA)

Marine Energy Corporation (MEC) has now patented one of the most cost-effective and powerful marine energy systems to date. They call it the “Wave Catcher Barge©”. One barge can produce the power of 4 of the world’s largest wind turbines generators. These barges can be installed almost anywhere, in any water depth, making the oceans our next power source of choice.

What does this barge do?

This new development overcomes significant challenges that have been faced by the marine energy industry including:

• the capture, conversion and transmission of significant marine power economically

• low cost and low risk installation, maintenance and removal

• minimum environmental impact and minimum visual pollution

• reliable and trouble-free service for more than 25 years

• the ability to survive extreme 100 year+ return period storms

How does the “Wave Catcher Barge©” meet these challenges?

• “Wave Catcher Barge©” uses simple proven components: an ocean-going barge with the latest proven offshore mooring system and proven generators.

• MEC has developed a new mooring system for variable locations and water depths – that applies minimum vertical load on the barge while allowing it to weathervane for maximum power output.

• The result is significant power generation at costs similar to onshore wind power.

• The barges can be sized to use four of the largest wind turbine type generators with a combined output of 24 megawatts or more.

• These barges are able to transform the power onboard to DC or AC and export the power via cables that do not touch the seabed.

• When the power is exported over new low loss power cables, these barges can be located hundreds of miles offshore.

• Installation can take less than a day in normal sea conditions.

• Most components are above the water in watertight enclosures, allowing easy access for regular offshore maintenance and efficient major equipment replacement offshore.

• The mooring legs and anchoring systems actually encourage marine growth; and, with completely watertight enclosures above the water, seabirds do not come into contact with any moving parts.

• The barges are low profile, making them difficult to see from shore and invisible when over 10 miles offshore.

The Oceans – Next Power Source

The “Wave Catcher Barge©” is a major step forward in marine power generation truly making the oceans – next power source.

MEC, February 7, 2014

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