NOx Levy Could Cut Emissions by Up to 70 Pct

Image Courtesy: IMO

A levy on nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions with revenues earmarked to fund the uptake of NOx abatement measures is ...

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South Korea to Consider Merging HMM and Hanjin Shipping

Image Courtesy: HMM

South Korean shipping company Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM) and its compatriot Hanjin Shipping could be merged if ...

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Frontline Exits Medium Range Tanker Segment

Image Courtesy: Frontline

John Fredriksen-controlled oil tanker shipping company Frontline Ltd. has decided to exit the medium range tanker ...

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Alma Maritime Withdraws Initial Public Offering

Image Courtesy: Alma Maritime Ltd.

Greek shipping company Alma Maritime Limited has decided to apply to the US Securities and Exchange Commission ...

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Marenave Could Sell Entire Fleet to Repay Loans

Image Courtesy: Marenave Schiffahrts

Hamburg-based shipping trust Marenave Schiffahrts said that it received a letter of intent from its lenders stating ...

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Shipowners: Is This the Right Time to Buy?

Image Courtesy: Euronav

As the shipping industry continues sailing in a sluggish market, the shipowners are weighing the decision whether ...

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Infographic: Shipping Industry Needs to Raise CSR Awareness

Image Courtesy: MSC

The shipping industry needs to increase Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) awareness as on average less than 50 ...

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EU's CO2 Regulations Must Line Up with International Rules

Image Courtesy: Dryad Maritime

The member national shipowners’ associations of the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) have agreed to ...

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Jinhui Shipping Opts for Restructuring to Stay Liquid

Image Courtesy: Jinhui Shipping

In light of the prevailing extreme shipping market conditions, Hong Kong-based Jinhui Shipping and Transportation ...

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Drewry: Clarity Issues Could Delay Container Weighing

Image Courtesy: FEPORT

Although progress is being made for the upcoming implementation of the container weighing rules on July 1, it is ...

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NordLB's Loan Losses Surge Due to Shipping Woes

Image Courtesy: NordLB/Daniel Bames

Due to the repeated deteriorating situation in the shipping markets, German shipping bank Norddeutsche Landesbank ...

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KKR Credit’s Pillarstone Platform Expands to Greece

Image Courtesy: KKR Credit

U.S. investment firm KKR Credit today announced the further expansion of its Pillarstone platform in Europe through ...

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EU Approves HSH Nordbank Sale

Image Courtesy: HSH Nordbank

The European Commission has adopted a resolution on state aid proceedings for Germany’s HSH Nordbank, ...

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Maersk Group’s Quarterly Profit Down by 86 Pct

Image Courtesy: Maersk

Danish shipping and offshore energy conglomerate Maersk Group reported its profit at USD 224 million for the first ...

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China Cosco’s Net Loss Widens to USD 690 Mn

Image Courtesy: China Cosco Holdings

Hong-Kong listed shipping and logistics company China Cosco Holdings Co (CCHC) has reported a major rise in its net ...

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Overdue Containers Push Venezuela’s Debt to USD 1 Bln

Image Courtesy: HHLA

As a result of a number of delays in returning containers or completely failing to do so, the Venezuelan state ...

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Chinese Newbuilding Orders on Path of Recovery

Image Courtesy: Cosco

Chinese shipyards have seen an increase in newbuilding orders in the first quarter of 2016, according to data ...

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CMES’ 2015 Profit Skyrockets

Image Courtesy: CMES

Driven by strong tanker shipping market tailwinds, the Chinese state-owned shipping operator China Merchants Energy ...

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Has Tanker Shipping Already Hit Its Peak?

Image Courtesy: Euronav

Being the most profitable shipping industry at the moment, tankers are expected to experience a further rise in the ...

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COSCO International Stable Despite Industry Headwinds

Image Courtesy: COSCO International

Despite a slowdown in global trade growth during 2015, the Hong Kong-listed COSCO International Holdings Limited, ...

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Moody's Changes Outlook on Global Shipping to Negative

Image Courtesy: FTA

Moody’s Investors Service (Moody’s) has switched its outlook on the global shipping sector to negative ...

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