Designing in Virtual Reality

"The challenge is to break the stereotype of the shipbuilding industry being a traditional craft”

First Offshore Wind Turbine Installed in German Waters

On 15 July 2009 Jack-Up Barge B.V. celebrated a major milestone in the company’s history as its newbuild monohull ...

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APM to operate Angola terminal

The trend of overhauling and improving key national infrastructure through lengthy concessions to private companies ...

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Cruise ships could boost visitors

Expanding the cruise ship industry in Guernsey could be a way of attracting more visitors to the island, the ...

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Japanese whale hunt ended early

Japan’s whaling fleet has cut short its hunt in the Antarctic after a fire two weeks ago crippled the main boat.

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Ghost ships scrap plan considered

A company that wants to scrap former US naval vessels on Teesside, is likely to know whether it can go ahead with ...

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