IMMLA creates a window to blockchain logistics future

In the nearest days IMMLA (International multimodal logistics application on the basis of the blockchain platform) is launching ICO. It starts on September 15th.

EU Port Services Regulation Comes into Force

The European Union (EU) Port Services Regulation (PSR) came into force on March 24, after it was adopted by the ...

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UK Needs Frictionless Trade Deal with EU after Brexit

British Ports Association (BPA) has called for a frictionless trade agreement between the UK and EU following ...

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BPA Calls for More Focus on Port Connectivity

Following the launch of the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy, British Ports Association (BPA) has ...

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BPA to Discuss Post-Brexit Vision for Ports with Gov't

The British Ports Association (BPA) is planning to launch discussions with the UK government in an effort to ...

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BPA Wants Special Post-Brexit Treatment for UK Ports

The British Ports Association (BPA) has called on the Transport and Environment Ministers to introduce ‘port ...

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