Taiwanese Cargo Vessel Breaks Apart at Flying Fish Cove, Christmas Island

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Panama-flagged general cargo vessel Tycoon has split in two upon suffering damage down one side of its hull as it tore against the rocks on January 8 at Flying Fish Cove.
The vessel managed by OCEAN GROW INTERNATIONAL, Taiwan, was loading phosphate on Christmas Island, Indian Ocean, for three days when it was pushed against the sea wall by a heavy swell resulting in its broken mooring.
The 15 crew members were forced to jump into the ocean and wait for navy rescuers.
Tycoon partially sank, sending phosphate across the reef and damaging the crane that loads supplies to residents and the island’s detention center.
Tycoon is visible however its hull is sitting on the bottom of the cove.
A supply vessel was unable to unload cargo because of the potential damage and the dangerous seas.
The fuel is leaking out thus 100 tons of fuel on board may cause an ecological disaster. Salvage and cleaning operations are impossible at the moment due to stormy weather.

World Maritime News Staff, January 9, 2012;


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