Norway: WTS Removes Its Unitor Ballast Water Treatment System from The Market

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WTS Removes Its Unitor Ballast Water Treatment System from The Market

Wilhelmsen Technical Solutions has completed a comprehensive performance verification program for the Unitor Ballast Water Treatment System (Unitor BWTS). As a result of the evaluation that followed, the company reached the decision to withdraw the current design of the Unitor BWTS from the market.

We acknowledge the potential impact for our customers and others affected by this decision. However, in keeping with our commitment to compliance, quality and customer satisfaction, we believe this is the only prudent course of action,” says Petter Traaholt, president of Wilhelmsen Technical Solutions.

Wilhelmsen Technical Solutions is committed to developing solutions to address the environmental challenges of the maritime industry. These solutions are driven by regulations and, ultimately, convenient and effective compliance with them.

The verification program showed that the system at this stage of development will not, in our opinion, provide our customers with an effective, fully compliant solution for the varied and dynamic water conditions encountered by a vessel engaged in global trade,” says Traaholt.

In addition Traaholt notes that the licensor of the technology placed itself under Business Rescue (the South African equivalent of US Chapter 11 Bankruptcy) in February 2012.

An assessment of Wilhelmsen Technical Solutions’ future strategy as a provider of ballast water treatment is underway.

Shipbuilding Tribune Staff, March 1, 2012; Image: wilhelmsen

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